Wednesday, August 5, 2015



Temecula, CA – The very latest on TPP is that there are some roadblocks occurring so negotiations are not near to finishing. This pushes the time for review farther back in schedule. This is good news for the Old Republic because it moves the topic closer to the election cycle and into an election issue. More updates as they develop.

Tired old Joe Bidden is looking to toss his dead son's memory into the ring as a reason to run for Prez. Excuse me if I just don't buy that movie soap opera bid. But hey, why not? He hooked his living son Hunter up with a sweet job over in the Ukraine. If these people weren't real, you'd swear this show was better than Dallas in its heyday.

For the Dems, the most real person right now is flat out Bernie Sanders. Following the jump is a 50+ minute video of a Washington DC event done by the Christian Science Monitor. The interview conducted gives a look at the man who is both savvy and classy with both feet on the ground. Bernie has gained more ground as Hillary continues to conflict with her past as more people see a disguised Ms. Pepe LePew.

The Christian Science Monitor Breakfast Q&A of Bernie Sanders.

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