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Temecula, CA – Don't ever eat the food or drink the sodas at any Huffington Post event if you value your health and waistline. Food and health editor Kate Bratskeir isn't some stringer so for her to be in favor of GMOs can't be because she is unaware of the reasons against GMOs, glyphosate, or the WHO/NIH proclamations about Roundup.

Today we live in a world where you can become aware by logic or through circumstance. I fall into the second category while my friend John Diaz falls into the first. When I met John at Occupy LA I was a portly 38" in the waist and resembled Chevy Chase, figure-wise, as seen in the picture below. I bought XL tee shirts. By the time I officially dropped Memoirs on Doomsday [December 21, 2012], I was down to a 32" waist but not from exercise; just from a diet change only.

Along the way in joining up to protest GMOs and ask for labeling, something promised by Benedict Obama, I met several moms who had children saved from health issues by switching to real food, teachers who had seen the rise of GMO ailments in their classes, families willing to sacrifice in the effort to spread the health word by going on the road, farmers rallying against Big Ag, and authors/film makers documenting the facts against the shills of the food debate.

I suppose I could recommend the books 1 & 2 of 'We're Monsanto, Feeding The World Lie After Lie' by Brett Wilcox [also Amazon] or point to the fact that 60 countries ban American food, something that Putin demonstrated in destroying tons of imported cheese made with American ingredients rather than give it to the poor as we do here. From hitting a shelter a time or two, the donations that come from many goodhearted Christians and others, are guaranteed to make you fat; thereby reinforcing the notion that poor people are lazy, therefore fat.

I could do that but the truth is wasted on a shill because they are hip to the moment of truth, and when you read the comments here, the shills, aka trolls, are out in force with all their tobacco science done by bought experts. As stated in this story, perhaps Monsanto is taking out the trash, in a higher calling that we don't understand. After all, evil IS part of God's plan.

On that note, I'll just wish Ms. Bratskeir a Coke and a smile.

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