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A modern Leeloo?
Temecula, CA – Not sure if I will catch hell for this opinion but with the comments raging against Miley flashing her young breasts to the audience during the week of Burning Man, a clothing optional art event [yes, I've been], it is killer and keeps MTV's VMAs Show at the top of headlines. Living in the world's greatest hypocrisy is awesome.

Back in the day when MTV was young, I worked for COX Cable in the customer service department. Daily we would get a call or two about MTV and the videos they showed when it was music television. It was always mothers, since in those days a man could still work a single job and support a family. The complaint was always the same whine, “Can't you do something about that channel?”

I took pleasure in delivering a planned five minute lesson explaining how each video was a mini play, involving various aspects, some political, some whimsical, and some factual [concert footage], all set to music. I'd remind them that opera is violence and heartbreak set to music since someone always dies by the time the fat lady sings. I'd give hints about making MTV viewing a treat for good grades or chores done, but when all that failed to alleviate their concerns I'd remind them of one thing. The 'off' button.

Today when you see the chem trails almost every day over your heads, where is the outrage? When you see what our government does in other countries to other people, where is the outrage?

If Miley was fourteen, I could see the uproar, but art is art, and music is considered art, whether you like it or not. Don't want to see a naked thinker? Don't go to the museum. Don't want to see casual nudity, don't go to Europe. Don't want to see an artist expose her breasts, don't watch the VMAs where anything can happen and sometimes does. That has always been the nature of the show because it is for the young and the young are spirited. That is their nature.

As far as all the fuss is concerned, no, I didn't watch the awards. I outgrew MTV when the videos went away and the suits took over so these angry comments show that a lot of old farts should have watched 'Father Knows Best' on Nick At Night instead.

What to do with all this angst over the VMAs and Miley's breast action, how about a little grounding by seeing this link. Have a great Monday.

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