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Temecula, CA – In the still unfolding case about Subway's now ex-spokesperson, Jared Fogle, an FBI informant named Rochelle Herman, has stated that this 'surveillance went on for 4 years before the FBI did anything about it. It was during this four years that 14 underage women were sexually used by Fogle and his wingman Filmer. 

Hanging with his homies
That would place the initial start at 2011. However, as far back as 2008 stories about Subway knowing Jared's problem concerning underage minors have surfaced on the web. So why did it take the government seven years total and why didn't Subway react at the start?

With The Pope set for a visit soon and the dismal sexual record concerning the Church and underage youth, it is important to remember that problematic sexual tendencies don't begin or end with the Church. However, it is generally accepted that being in a religious order should have some effect on your moral behavior since organized religion has a foundation built on morality. You would expect a baker to know the difference in taste between wheat bread and rye, just as you would expect a man of the cloth to know what is proper concerning children.

As readers know here, pictures can say a lot, some say a thousand words. I don't know about the count but pictures convey a measure to see the truth or to feel what is just, based on feeling. There is a reason why lawyers dress up their clients. After the jump we get to see scuz bags who used the Good Book for bad. It isn't just the amount of these sexual douche bags, it's that the collage only represents ONE month's total.

Also remember, this is US only; then you start to realize why there weren't more people in Congress to stand against the TPP given it's loophole Human Trafficking section.

Pedophile Priest in Dominican Republic before removal 

Pleading guilty, apologizing, and paying his victims like Steven Collins, unlike sleaze champ, Bill 'Pound Cake' Cosby

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