Sunday, August 30, 2015



Temecula, CA – Some of you readers may not be aware of my side project as an editor at a private news blog site devoted to medical marijuana patients. Today many cannabis groups, like NORML and Weedmaps, have a blog web site but the one I was recruited for has the distinction of being the main outlet for a group of models. These models are also medical marijuana patients.

One of the main intentions of starting this news outlet site was to add another avenue of experience for the young women and men to showcase and put on their resumes expanding their talents, unlike the virile Alabama sorority vid advertising future college bimbo well-bred trophy wives. This ongoing adventure has already uncovered several very talented undiscovered writers, female and male.

While observing writer talent develop is rewarding in itself, the greater pleasure for an editor is reading the originality of the topics picked and how they relate that to the reader. A case in point is this story concerning astrology and pot.

“Your zodiac sign can determine many facets of your personality and lifestyle, and so can the type of weed you smoke, believe it or not.”

Make the jump to find out about your pot astrology.

Please go here to finish the full article, complete with pictures.

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