Friday, August 7, 2015



Temecula, CA – He may not be as handsome as Russell Wilson but he's just as good at quarterbacking moves that lead to a big play. He may not be a Marshawn Lynch in size but he can move a drive to the goal line. And though he may not play for a NFL team, he can still get to the Super Bowl. The only 'he' this could be is Ivan, of course.

This Ivan would be the same one who briefly had the valley's first curbside hooka lounge, hosted The Adicts on an all day Sunday, did food prep for the legendary Mr. Pete's Breakfast Burrito Extravaganza, then helped Phoenix The Vault by harnessing the valley's underground youth before launching a whole new genre of CosPlay with Club Cosplay and catapulting out of the Inland Empire to do shows in LA and SD. There is a two day anniversary of Club Cosplay back at M15 soon however.

To be sure this is a one-in-a-million contest change of going to the big game but who else do you know could possibly pull this off? To be sure, there are a lot of different business ideas but most seem to fall into a general category. Club Cosplay is unique so make the jump and vote to help a local boy make good.

Small businesses drive our economy, but rarely stand in the national spotlight. Small Business Big Game is one more way Intuit QuickBooks is giving small businesses a voice. It's the massive recognition and celebration small businesses deserve. It's an eight-month program, culminating with a real small business (maybe yours) getting the opportunity of a lifetime: a 30-second commercial on the Big Game on 2/7/16.

The voting will narrow down to 10 on September 2 and to just three on November 3rd. Keep it here for updates. Remember, you can vote daily.

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