Tuesday, August 4, 2015



Temecula, CA –It's been quite a few months and a re-election but the tip about Netanyahu from Professor Lewis Lane hasn't come to pass. In putting together the blockbuster scoop concerning the country's financial future, clues of which appear in Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green [Chapter 20], I thought it best to take a break and see my friend.

TC – Hello Professor. I wanted to come by and get an update on your prediction about the Netanyahu assassination. He got re-elected you know.

PLL – Yeah, I know. Remember though, it wasn't my prediction, it was a prediction from the Bible Code. I told you of it after I realized that upon his re-entering politics, the once impossible prediction could come true. He's still living and he's still the PM so the shoe hasn't dropped yet.

TC – That's true.

PLL – And how is that MH370 deal working out for you?

TC – Touche.

PLL – I do read your stuff, PT.

TC – Yeah, I am watching the news to see if that part is ID'd. Part of me would like to see this put to rest, but part of me believes the basic scoop tip and the Nostradamus tie-in. It makes sense in a magic sort of way. You'd have to read my book to see my logic though.

PLL – It would be closure for all those families. Say, when are you going to have another story about those 420 girls? There's something different with them.

TC – They rep my book. They're nice girls, young women. Patients too. That's why they smoke weed.

PLL – Interesting. To base a societal organization on a plant that has been used since antiquity. Do you know about The Fermi Paradox?

TC – No, I don't.

PLL – It's pretty simple really. With the statistical odds and age of the known universe, why haven't we found someone or someone found us?

TC – You mean ET?

PLL – Yes, evidence of alien life. The prevailing theory is that we have never found any evidence of alien life, but I say different. One of the reasons for the Fermi Paradox sort of agrees with me. That reason is the zoo hypothesis.

TC – Zoo hypothesis?

PLL – Extra terrestrial life is observing us and that's why no deliberate contact.

TC – That would make sense for two reasons, the Black Knight satellite and some things Jesus said.

PLL – My research has led me to believe that all the ancient structures, whether megalithic or a mystery, are remnants left from at least one previous very advanced society. This technology was on a different level that what we humans can appreciate. The nearest comparison would be to the complexity of the death traps in the beginning scenes of Raiders of The Lost Ark. I call it Sacred Technology.

TC – Sacred Technology?

PLL – Yes. You have sacred writings, sacred knowledge, and sacred geometry. Why not sacred technology? Thor traveled a bridge. He didn't ride in a rocket ship or flying saucer. The Greek Oracles traveled by portals.

TC – Speaking of which, the good folks over at CERN at spinning and colliding particles trying to find just such a portal.

The professor got up, picked up a folder from his desk and walked over to a file cabinet.

PLL – I don't know what they might uncover but if they don't think like a god, they are digging in the wrong place, to quote Indiana Jones.

TC – What do you mean?

PLL – Sacred Technology, like sacred geometry, works on two levels; what you see and what you don't see. The beings who made sacred technology would have made it simple and had access to time travel, or in olden terms, they are Immortals. I have reason to believe that if such a portal or portals were planned today, they would blend in to modern society like a bird, unnoticed. Being sacred, a ritual would be required to activate the portal, or put another way, to prepare the initiate. And then you are done.

TC – What do you mean done?

PLL – That is the process. You could disappear right then or it could be a pre-trip booking, and something to occur at a later date. The idea is to run down this theory. And there is one other thing. You wouldn't be dealing with a portal or doorway in the five senses way. I am speaking of something that can recognize you as you recognize it's presence but in a highly technological, almost for lack of another word, 'magical' manner.

TC – This sounds loosely like Tomorrowland.

PLL – That's how it would work. The process would be instant.

TC – In the blink of an eye.

PLL – Exactly. Where you go or would go is as much a mystery as finding some working sacred technology. Solving the mystery is the mystery because in life this process is called 'finding Nirvana'. But I have a clue.

TC – Really? What is it, Prof?

PLL – No, not yet. Let's see how both our other theories work out first, Netanyahu and MH370. By then I should have a more complete picture of this magic doorway.

TC – Alright, Professor. Till then, this one's for you...

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