Tuesday, September 8, 2015



Temecula, CA – As the Russians plan to return to the moon, a story that briefly appeared in the mainstream news, that brevity inspired this report and the two vids which follow after the jump.

The first video is the source for a story done months ago that caused me to ponder about our closest space neighbor, which is also our strangest neighbor. Just how strange, you may wonder since the moon has been in everyone's live with both the Jewish and the Muslim calendars based off lunar cycles, unlike the Greco/Roman Christian calendar. The first video is also one you don't have to watch to comprehend. You can minimize it and listen while you do other things online.

The second video is a watcher as it deals with the CIA created space agency NASA, or as we activist types like to say, Never A Straight Answer. You see today we live in a world where ignorance is in the eye of the beholder, as witnessed during the Freddie Gray beat down where on live national news the police union leader saw a healthy person being loaded into the police van while the nation and live news broadcasters heard the horrifying screams of a man in terrific agony. But we are talking NASA so please reserve some time to watch Moon Rising, The NASA Coverup, complete with color photos of our closest space neighbor.

All this after the jump.
And now for your listening pleasure, Who Built The Moon? 

Moon Rising, The NASA Coverup

Part 1 of the Calendar Discovery series

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