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Temecula, CA – Quietly and without much local fanfare that I've seen [but even I don't see everything], a restaurant has opened in Temecula that I can recommend to all my food activist friends like John Diaz and Zen Honeycutt [Moms Across America]. Without a cheesy, cutesy gimmick name, it is simply called the Burger Lounge and the single l ocal location is the first one outside of LA or SD, which have 6 and 8 locations respectively. OC and LV, you're next.

Located in the old Starbucks spot in the Trader Joe's/Fed Ex strip mall across from The Mall, the modern styled hip restaurant serves old-fashioned food, that is non-GMO, grass-fed beef, sodas that contain no HFCS with free refills, and cook their sides in 100% GMO free Sunflower oil. Even the ketchup used there is listed as Organic, something I have only seen at one local eatery here.

Besides the delicious food and drinks available from the Burger Lounge, the staff, all young and bright-eyed, are eager to explain what's available and proud of the quality food served, as they should be. You won't see any 'stuffed tomatoes' or muffin tops that frequent places like some buffets in the hometown, but you will find plenty of items that are appealing, including some temporary sandwiches like the lamb burger which is being featured currently.

My partner man-about-town, AJ, went with me as we had lunch there on the last holiday weekend. This is our report.

AJ's palette is skewed away from pork and more towards lamb, so he got the lamb burger, a dish he compared to the lamb he had eaten at The Mirage in Las Vegas. Though we got served at the same time, his was gone while I still had half a burger left. When questioned as to how it compared, he said that it was better here. In fact, he considered having a second lamb burger but didn't have the time to spent since another appointment was already set on his afternoon schedule. It could have been the sun but did I spot a tear in his eye as we turned to leave?

Modern hip simple catchy decor

For me, being a simple man, I had the “Classic” which consisted of organic American cheese, organic ketchup, mustard, pickles, chopped onion, and the grass-fed, single-sourced, delicious beef in a sandwich that looked like it just came off the picture menu unlike the bait 'n' switch menu pics at junk food national eateries. It was superb and very filling with bread baked fresh daily from dough made fresh daily.

The Classic, real beef, real good, real good for you

But taste isn't the only thing that comes from eating the 'no junk - all food' menu items. It is how you feel after you finish. Real food fills you up with less and you stay full longer. The burger I had at lunch kept the hungriness away the rest of the night, except for some chocolate I snacked on just before bedtime to soothe a scratchy throat.

For those who are hip to real food, this is a very welcome addition to your available places to eat healthy. For those who are still unaware, prepare to have your taste buds dazzled by food that is as old-fashioned as it is modern; food without additives, foreign protein, and delicious in the way it used to be before 'modern science'. That is, food which looks just like the promotion pictures used to advertise it and is actually good to you. 

Burger Lounge Veggie Burger

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  1. I wish there were more places like this. I just had a visitor from Georgia day that we have more healthy options in California than any other area she travels to. She travels for her job two weeks a month, so that speaks volumes for our options.