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Temecula, CA – Today at 5PM the doors will open for the fourth annual 'Get Shamrocked' Irish Music Festival to be held at the Murrieta Town Square Park and last all weekend. With my concert mileage, this old bus now rolls out to the pre-Festival parties to get a taste of what's to come. And that's just what I did last night, by going to The Shamrock and catching scene friends Master Splinter and The Shredders [MSATS] aka Midnight Satellites. Both bands are made from members that started playing the T-town area up to fifteen years ago.

Brothers Brennan and Ryan Kilpatrick flank the ends, with Salvatore Spinelli and Nick Seiwert on drums
The Shamrock venue is another music aspect that has been something else prior, but about four years ago or so a plucky group [they're always plucky, they're Irish] took over the spot and the joint has been jumping ever since with Irish hospitality. On a Thursday night, the place was almost packed out and this was the pre-party. But then again it was MSATS, a cover band venture that gained traction when the first note was heard. Having known these guys from past bands, I got word they had a new Midnight Satellites CD out. I was on the case.

Gone are the days when the music scene here was vibrant, coalesced due to city pressure and status quo ethics. When you read about Cobain and Seattle, that whole scene came about after Seattle outlawed all-ages music shows. Without the push from the city, the music push-back wouldn't have developed. New music came then at a gold rush pace. But the kids are grown up now and this music cycle has rolled on leaving a treasure trove of memories and a new music trickle. Now there is a new age. Who knew that there were this many Irish not in New York?

The night provided more than a trip down music lane of familiar faces, now slighter older and wiser. Watching them play onstage as I was sitting almost at the end of the bar where I could observe the band and the room's crowd reaction, I was reminded of another band that took cover songs and made them theirs, something that always ignites a bar crowd. That band would be The Spoonbills, an experience written of in Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green. In fact, that was the name Sal, the frontman, said when he introduced me as, 'Mr. Pete, his favorite journalist' to the audience from the stage. It was a warm moment for me and warmth is all I have ever felt in my random times of going to The Shamrock.

The Irish, like Blacks, Mexicans, and Italians all suffer from joke stereotypes but the Irish I have known were more along the line of what you read in fables. There is a reason the central character in Memoirs is an Irish girl, just as there is for my rear cover Irish woman reference on Memoirs.

Before I left the 'Rock, I saw the spirit of the area that used to house Java Joz and Cuppys hadn't left. Twelve year old Caden, a find of MSATS, got up on stage with his acoustic and wowed the audience with 3 songs, warming up by the second. The crowd, about 60-70% women, loved it.

Sensing the feel of the pre-festival crowd at this party, it is easy to see why each year festival doubled. Friday night and Saturday night are 21+ with the difference being one night of more traditional Celtic foot-stomping and the other geared toward punk like Dropkick Murphys. Check the website for details. Sunday is family day and ALL kids under 16 are free the whole day. The show is also all-ages. MSATS plays on Saturday night. Erin go Bragh.

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