Tuesday, September 8, 2015



Temecula, CA – With Bernie Sanders slow-walking Hillary down in Iowa, beating her like a thug in New Hampshire, and Hillary's photo affair with the Kardashians failing to gain any traction in the marketplace, a tip has come in that Hillary Clinton put in a call to someone with clout around Gotham City.

Unfortunately, Bruce Wayne fell within both 60 percentile+ groups that believe Ms. Clinton is a liar and believe Ms. Clinton is untrustworthy. Meanwhile Hillary continues to march on through the mud like a trooper, undaunted, much like Kentucky clerk and recent convert to Christianity, Kim Davis. In fact, both women suffer from The Goddess Complex, but that's a future story so I digress.

Suffice to say, after the last fling with Vicky Vale's granddaughter, as Wayne's alter ego, split personality Adam West persona, Bat's was taking no calls either, sez our source.

Meanwhile Dick Cheney has spied his new George Bush and it's Old White Joe. Is it me or isn't it like Satan giving you an endorsement to have Dick Cheney in your corner? A new Democrat contender has been trotted out to throw into the mix, Lawrence Lessig. More after the jump.

Lissig's claim for the president's job is;

"I want to run to build a mandate for the fundamental change that our democracy desperately needs," Lessig wrote. "Once that is passed, I would resign, and the elected Vice President would become President."

Lessig is a Harvard Law Professor.

Another newcomer to the Presidential Race is Brother Nathanael who sums up his platform in this video, running on the Anti-Jew ballot.

As this presidential race gets nuttier, it's important to remember who actually stands for something his past record shows – Bernie Sanders, Vermont, the ONLY State that HAS NOT SHOT AN UNARMED SUSPECT at press time.

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