Wednesday, September 23, 2015

INTERVIEW COFFEE – The Ryan Bros Coffee Review, sort of

“Life is too short to be bitter”

Temecula, CA - With the present state of gloomy politics, it's easy to overlook this story's subtitle in your daily grind, unless you stop by Ryan Bros Coffee and Wine Bistro. There you can discover that 'Life is too short to be bitter' especially if you have no problem with a sweet tooth.

The reason this story is called 'interview coffee' is because for that first interview, you want to feel special, on top of it and roll in glowing as the model to the right illustrates. A look at the selection of coffee styles and espresso drinks certainly gives you the impression that Ryan Bros Coffee will do just that. My friend AJ validated this perception by stating that Ryan Bros was better tasting than Starbucks and possibly better in price. In fact, the 'life's too short...' slogan is actually about their coffee. So I can 'sort of' give you a review about that.

Yes, Sports Fans. This is one of my old time 'sort of ' reviews. For you new readers, a 'sort of ' review is a overall review based on a sampling in one specific category. And being next door to the old Chipotle location, I 'sort of 'knew about Ryan Bros being there. One day recently while gathering research on another story, I decided to drop in to Ryan Bros. with my friend AJ, the coffee drinker.

The Temecula store décor is pleasant, not patented like a Starbucks. And just feels friendlier, more home-style looking. An almost completely filled rack shows you can have your own coffee mug hanging for use when you come there, if you are a frequent customer. It's nice to have your own 'glass' somewhere, so from my old days at Black Market I can 'sort of 'recommend it at Ryan Bros. Another thing that I can 'sort of ' recommend is the delicious sounding tea names. I drink tea at home.

In fact, everything about the place suggested it wasn't a local homegrown creation nor a chain. I purchased a fat cinnamon roll that caught my eye. While AJ finished his coffee, I started and then finished my next day's breakfast treat. Yummy!

A few days later I returned for another cinnamon roll but left instead with a ample slice of the day's cake selection, a multicolored delight named Birthday Surprise. Subsequent visits have yielded the information that owners Arlene & Larry Fuller use only real ingredients with no HFCS, like honest-to-goodness butter and sugar. There are Ryan Bros Coffee outlets other than the Temecula store but they don't serve wine. That is unique to T-town.

So while I can sort of recommend Ryan Bros Coffee and wine based on the look and feel of the place which I perceived, I can put it in black and white and German chocolate that 'life is too short to be bitter' and you won't have any bitter or better tasting bakery goods in town than at Ryan Bros. Give your sweet tooth a treat. Ryan Bros Coffee is located across from the old Chipotle location on Margarita, in the area by Jimmy Johns.

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