Tuesday, September 1, 2015



Temecula, CA – In today's wired world, I can hear the laughter of ISIL and North Korea even as I laugh myself over the revelations coming out in today's news. After shooting over 700 people so far this year, the police finally shoot one of their own and kill his dog, not unlike what they have done to many 'oops, wrong address' victims like the marine vet a few years back, including a grandmother. No word on whether the wounded cop was black [Black Lives Matter] or white [All Lives Matter]. Thankfully the off-duty officer wasn't killed as these people were.

But the real laughing news is the “louche” bag we, the Citizens of America, have as our Speaker in Congress. After the pedophile who was paying hush money to keep his 'secret' secret as our last Speaker, is there any wonder why Moms can't get a Label GMOs bill on the books? We are ruled by people who aren't fit to serve as ushers at Westboro. None of this news happens in a vacuum so you know how we look to others as America tries to run the world. The above link to people killed by killer cops is something being tracked by Britain, and if the English know it, the world knows it.

A fake tan hides the lobster face of an alcoholic on taxpayer welfare

The fact that all the people in Washington know that Boehner is an alcoholic, remember the veiled references about the stench of booze smelled during the sequester stand-off which now comes into clarity, and “lazy, and without any commitment to any principle," willing to punish those who go against his vote, buy the members with campaign contributions and committee assignments, which he promises to potentially difficult members just shows the depravity the elected class incestuously operate in. No wonder both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump stand out as diamonds among the rough to the populace.

While religious people like Jonathan Cahn and John Hagee espouse that the Judgment of America is coming because of gay marriage and the LGBT gender benders, my Bible says that a man's character and heart are what matters most to God, not necessarily who he is bonking [see Gen 19:30-38].

Meanwhile watching Hillary turn on the spit of Public Opinion reminds me of the old motto, “Arguing with an engineer is like mud wrestling a pig. Everyone gets dirty, but the pig loves it.”

[Disclaimer: this is NOT a snide way to refer that Hillary is a pig. - Ed]

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