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Temecula, CA – While going over the set list, I was asked about book sales and having time for the radio station. I replied that I have to work at the radio station project. The book is something that I'm waiting for the world to catch up with. The other person looked puzzled.

Memoirs contains information from two epiphanies after my stay at Occupy Los Angeles, and after I sought and got my valid medical marijuana recommendation according to Prop 215. The first 19 chapters of Memoirs, I was illegal according to our paid liar 'we are not alone' government, but Chapter 20, the last chapter deals with today and tomorrow. The information in Ch. 20 wasn't remembered, researched, or imagined by me. The information concerning the paradox of cannabis and capitalism is a central theme in said chapter and the very reason the book is 'magical'. [Read the rear cover text at end of article, then decide for yourself]

The opening clue to this paradox is that cannabis is in the Bible and there at the very beginning, before humankind, Gen. 1:11, 29-30. the second clue is to remember, though Jesus might have died for your sins, it was after he threw out the money-changers, Baal, that the Jewish religious leaders said, 'he's a dead man.' So money killed him. Friday night, the infamous Friday night legislature, passed a bill to completely dismantle Prop 215, much like the also infamous DARK ACT, the TPP, etc. other groups I stand shoulder with. My book predicted this but after the jump, the current blowback shows how to fight a corrupt system. Read the back cover, understand really why this is happening, and see a glimpse of what's coming...

The American Medical Marijuana Association (AMMA) has announced that it is filing a lawsuit over the violation of Prop. 215 by the California Legislature and Govern Brown.  The recent adoption of the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act attempts to modify a voter initiative, Prop. 215, something specifically forbidden by the California constitution. 

"Our medical cannabis rights, protected for nearly 20 years by Prop. 215, have been hijacked and Prop. 215 is under attack like never before.  The new law is an unacceptable and illegal infringement on our rights under Prop. 215,” said Steve Kubby, Executive Director of AMMA.

Kubby listed four areas that were of the greatest concern to patients and their physicians:
1. Patient gardens now limited to 100 square feet.
2. It is now a crime to share a joint from your garden with anyone.
3. Must now use your regular doctor for recommendations," most of whom have no experience with the medical use of cannabis
4. Allows city, county or both to ban cultivation, storage, manufacture, and transport.

"I'm getting calls from frightened patients who fear their own state government is planning on going after cannabis doctors as if they are some sort of dangerous threat that must be carefully supervised. Sick people cannot handle this kind of stress. Thousands of patients will die because of this calculated attempt to thwart the will of the people and deprive them of medical cannabis and the doctors who write recommendations to use the healing herb," added Kubby.

David Allen, a retired heart surgeon and expert on cannabinoid medicine, warns against the unintended consequences of the new Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act. According to Allen, the proposed law "will create more crimes of cultivation, processing, storage, transportation, sales, and possession. It will create an army of bureaucrats that will increase the police state and create super drug task force solely for Cannabis and no other drug,"

To all my protest cause patriots. The government is made up of lawyers for a reason. They took the Indians' land through the courts. Protesters are why castles have moats. You must fight laws with laws, because they can look down at you from their balconies at your protests, but they have to look you in the eyes in court. Look at history, the answers are always in history. There is nothing new under the Son.

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