Friday, September 18, 2015

Temecula Food Scene: a tasty new place to Thai

Ubon Thai

The family and I went and checked out this new Thai place in Temecula the other day. We were there on their third day open during their soft opening week. It is located at 27300 Jefferson Avenue in Temecula, a location that used to be a variety of different things over the years.
It was a Dairy Queen, a Mexican food place, a farmhouse burger place. In my opinion none of them compare.

Upon entering this new restaurant I was immediately shocked by the decor, this place looked absolutely nothing like the previous tenants - all of which I had tried at least once. They have completely remodeled the building on the inside - with new seating, very modern cool looking decor AND you cannot see the kitchen at all. Robert Irvine would be proud. After a moment to take in all of the new changes, I was greeted by a nice woman with a very cheery demeanor.

We were quickly seated and brought tall glasses of ice water and I ordered hot tea. My daughter tried Thai tea for the first time, having tried it at other places I also sampled it and it was indeed yummy.
We started out with vegetarian Thai egg rolls. They were crispy, decent sized but not too big and had great flavor. They were accompanied by sweet and sour sauce, but not a generic sweet one, it was rather tasty, I actually used some of it.

Being vegetarian, my wife and I split the Thai cashew stir fry. It came out nice and hot, large scoop of rice and the sauce had unique bright flavors with firm cashews and a decent amount of tofu. I particularly enjoyed the fact that the broccoli was not overcooked and mushy.

Our daughter had the pineapple fried rice, which she promptly ate half of. I say half because it was a rather large plate of food which she enjoyed the following day as an afternoon snack. I took a bite of it and it was not over sweet with sugary pineapple syrup. It was slightly spicy with bites of sweet pineapple mixed in.

The restaurant will be having a grand opening soon and they have applied for a alcohol license to stock their very cool looking new bar. Based on my experience the first time, This is a place I recommend.

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