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Temecula, CA – This article is dedicated to my oldest reader, someone I knew as a kid and then became decades later, one of my first readers. This is to you, Jimmy Bryant.

Back then it was the Full Value Review, but beyond music and a personalized view of Christianity [Presbyterian, the Libertarians of religion], it's been politics.

Even before Loose Change and Invisible Children it was CODEX, because a part of me who saw things in the 70s knew nothing had changed in the time I had been away. Politics grinds you down unless you are a professional, and even then...

But 911changed all that, for everyone. And things have only gotten worse, and keep getting worse because it is a downward spiral. Where does the rabbit hole end? Let's review.

The system makes the people. The moon is manufactured on purpose. And things in the Bible and the Qur'an both involve 'signs' concerning the moon. The Church also figures into all this with things good and things evil. Everything is spinning, but someone has put it all together in a way that makes sense. After the jump, a British chap named David Icke, a former TV broadcaster turned activist, gives us the red pill in a video entitled, 'The Lion Sleeps No More', and this is a watcher or something to listen to. Take your choice, as long as your mind is open.

And now, to add to what you learned from yesterday's Ball of Confusion, Our Mysterious Moon.

The Lion Sleeps No More

Number two in the Calendar Discovery Series

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