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Temecula, CA – There are many types of women but perhaps the very first type of woman is a goddess. Today the highest form or category of real women is that of 'queen' since the first monarch of any land achieves that position by being able to do something no other person, or in particular, woman, is able to do. You could say a queen is a queen by birthright or by smarts. We have no official 'Queen' of America but at press time there are two women bypassing that level to go for 'goddess'. One woman believes it her right, her destiny, and the other woman believes it through the 'new wine' of religious conversion.

The Goddess Complex takes a woman past the Diva stage, itself a level above J.A.P. to the rarefied air of Divine Right. This drunk on power mindset, sometimes referred to as the Joan of Arch Syndrome, takes a woman to the Goddess mindset due to the sheer light of their own conviction. This is a trap the Angel of Light has waiting for the gullible. Jesus also spoke of this phenomenon and that was 2000 years ago. Four hundred years ago Kim Davis would have just been burned at the stake in the town square of the civilized world, or stoned, not in a good way, in the barbaric third world. Kim Davis has been blinded by the Light, her light.

The other woman in the news at press time also suffers from the Goddess Complex, although she is at the other end of the spectrum from Kentucky clerk Kim Davis. The resume on Hillary Rodham Clinton is impressive and looks to be how I would imagine the most successful member of any family to appear on their resume. Except Hillary's is more so. She was certainly qualified to be an Ambassador if you know the path for that. So why is Hillary walking the same path her husband did when people clamored for Bill Clinton to do jail time? What is the difference?

Hillary Clinton is a classic overachiever and was always driven. Her high school and college days reveal that person who was on every important board; the kid who sat at the grown-ups table and talked to them as if also grown-up. This was the kid, or person who looked to get ahead, by being smart, by studying hard, by knowing the right people, by being on the right panels, by any means possible.

But Bill Clinton is that rare type of bull-shiter who is cool, as he is smart. He saw Hillary for the overachiever she was and wore down her resistance until she married him. Unfortunately, Hillary and people like her are never perceived as cool because they are never deemed trustworthy. They have a hidden agenda and are always racing to get past the present moment to reach the goal, success.

Hillary is a career goddess, and symptomatic of a woman who has always had one goal in mind; reaching the top, the Chief of State. Having goals is a good thing and when you have success, you can come to believe that success is because you are who you are, ie., intelligent, well-off, family connections, talent, etc., without giving credit to a higher power, or you can just not have it in your heart but in your head. In Memoirs, the source theory for how this real life application is connected through the Bible, but on a more pedestrian level than the theory advanced by David Icke, is put forth.

Whether delusions of grandeur or false heart, the sun is setting for Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Can it be just a matter of time before the real people's choice emerges for the Republicans as the rest fall by the wayside?

And will the Democrats grow a sack at the risk to doing the right thing? 

The plot thickens...

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