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Temecula, CA - “Can you feel it?” goes the opening line of the only movie I was ever in. My name is in the credits too. My stage name.

That opening line expresses the tension in the air as the political candidates of both parties are trotted out for the people to pick from in the narrowing down process. Usually the suspects are traditional and it becomes a 'lesser of the two evils' but this time around, there is a PT Barnum effect in the air as the general population refuses politics as usual.

Meanwhile it's clear sailing for Barack Obama. He has advanced his intended from day 1 TPP trade deal as far as he can take it, he has his Iran Peace Deal so that if shit blows up, it can be on the next guy or girl's watch. Speaking of watching, the Prez has watched his girls grow up in the spotlight, which they have handled well, given all the racial mud thrown their way, sometimes even by foreign dignitaries. Anyone who knows family, knows how it hurts if any are ridiculed.

Renaming a mountain seems a good way to coast out the remaining months and a topper to all the design changes in the fiat currency made; all left behind in a legacy for those to one day look back on and say, 'here was the first black president, who suffered racial indignities even in his day, yet he moved past his enemies and left this legacy.'

Predicted forerunner, Hillary Clinton has become ensnarled in her own espionage and the campaign because 'in Clinton folks see a long resume but a short list of accomplishments*.' The Democratic party is doing all it can to NOT notice Bernie Sanders, who just keeps gaining steam by being the real article, unlike 'Lindsey Graham [is] a joyful candidate with a bleak campaign message*.'


Those are the people tired of 'business as usual' politicians. To help muddy the waters, Dick Cheney is pushing front-runner 'Walk In The Park' candidate, Joe Biden. Trying for the sympathy vote got a 
“What's the point of being Irish if you don't know that life can break your heart?" - Colbert to 'get a dog' Biden

It seems 'the more Biden opens up, the more difficult it sounds for him to run. The more Clinton campaigns, the tougher it gets for Biden to not run.' But has been said, 'Being married to Bill Clinton could be called the tail wagging the dog.'

And for the eggheads, the hipsters, and possibly the elites [you think?] Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Lessig. Honorable mention: Brother Nathanael

Vacant in any light

John Ellis Bush just seems to get dumb and dumber by the speech. Forget the 'day late and dollar short' analogy, even the deer in the headlights doesn't do it justice; J.E.B. has become Jeb, as in Clamplett. All this time we thought that Dubya was the dullard. It turns out 'you can't tell a book by looking at the cover' and Jeb's economic plan would cost taxpayers 3 Trillion if he gets in the White House, but who knows if he carried the one. However, as he is losing steam while spending more money while losing big donors, [please try to keep up. Politics is like that], jeb is only mentioned here in passing because his brother IS somebody, an ex-President.

Out of a cast of thousands seemingly descended from the same two sibling parents that most of the field of remaining Republicans seems to be is a few standouts. Those people would seem to be Fiorina, Carson, and of course, Donald Trump. At press time, anything negative put out so far mostly has to do with Trump. 'Donald Trump says opponent Ben Carson “makes [Jeb] Bush look like the energizer bunny.” '

Plugging into voter rage across the racial divide is front-runner in most polls, Donald Trump. 'The Don' is a public, larger-than-life type tycoon that's riding in to save the country from being brought down by other larger-than-life tycoons. Isn't this picture tilted in a way toward tycoons? Even Stewie would say, 'Is my new pimp only going to beat me on Tuesdays and Thursdays instead of MWFs with an occasional Saturday? Woo-Hoo.'

And all the while, it's blue skies on shaky stock market legs, but still blue skies just the same. Can you feel it?

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