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Temecula, CA – There is an old engineer saying that goes, “When you are up to your ass in alligators, it's a fine time to remember your initial job was to drain the swamp.”

In the days of Prop 215, the state government and all the agencies saw pot as something to fight but also something many people had tried as a college student. As such, with a little help from George Soros, the voter initiative became law. It has survived on its own without and despite of government malfeasance of every source, but the conflict between capitalism and cannabis goes deeper than that, a lot deeper. That is the reason I state to people that Memoirs is really two books, one history and the other a Master Key of understanding, for cannabis predates Man, and of course, money.

On the surface it is people spinning gold into straw for people who have no knowledge of a commodity try to regulate it. Moreover, unlike their agency capture big business partners, there are no real experts involved, only pseudo leaders who like Hillary Clinton, long on credentials and short on accomplishments because they had little or no experience with cannabis on any level. They have no experience with real patients, they have no experience with people they believe to be fake patients, they have no experience except how to make a law that brings money into the government coffers at the consumers' expense.

A common sense approach would be to encourage industry growth, as is done with solar and tax the various products and businesses that come from that development. But alas, common sense is something they try and drown out in politics. A second factor is the people trying to set the regulations have made a judgment in their hearts that medical patients are just stoners gaming the system. A third factor is the outright competition and corruption against cannabis. A fourth factor is the stigma. A fifth factor is the presence of the Pot Mafia. A sixth factor is the universal betterment received from use further blurring lines between recreational and medicinal limits, and there is the seventh factor - being something bestowed upon man by God; of which we have proof in sacred writings [ISBN: 0-9629872-2-0] adding the element of the imaginary to the mix.

At press time top men are meeting in various places to try and grapple with what the English would call, a sticky wicket. Chapter 20 of Memoirs [ISBN-13: 978-1478318217; ISBN-10:147831821X] deals with this aspect of cannabis, first seen in Jack Herer's Emperor Wears No Clothes [ISBN: 1-878125-02-8], using conversations with Jack himself which are pivotal in understanding what Jack meant when he said, 'medical marijuana was the worse thing to happen to pot'. That statement is standard for a plant as quixotic as Mary Jane Green, so legitimized named now through published print in a Christian motif nation, and the reason Jack drew up the CCHI in the first place.

The coming of cannabis could have been a turning point for America to the world. It could be a chance to end the privatized system of prisons and further stigmatizing a huge pool of young potential but with the cuffing of this kid by people supposed to be teaching mind expansion through knowledge, the outlook looks like Idiocarcy mixed with the Matrix even without this hot talk radio subject. The world could have seen just how big a country America could be by showing nations everywhere a cash crop grown locally to the benefit of locals could generate equalized income worldwide. America, the country where thousands still come to become citizens who believe The Dream... being short-sighted, so we wonder, will California let the boat sail on cannabis like other states who have rolled medical and recreational into one group then sanctioned privileges to a limited, connected few?

As predicted to the coming conflict, the right and fair edict could be rendered by the state and the nation as a whole based on the fair and balanced Jack Herer Act [CCHI], but instead the country has acted like a whale swallowing a pearl. Can a Christian nation forget what happened before to someone in the Bible, like cannabis Gen 1:11, 29-30, swallowed up also by a whale?

This is a developing story.

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