Friday, September 11, 2015



Temecula, CA – It has come to our attention that the Chinese Government, via the Red Army, has released data showing without a doubt, remnants that ancient alien civilization[s] exist on the moon, implying the United States Federal Government deliberately hid evidence of this from both its citizens and the world for 50 years. Perjury and profits over people!!

With the recent discovery that the moon is manufactured like a Swiss watch, built to the metric system even out to the orbit, the returning of both the Russians and the Chinese to explore a possible tech treasure trove ahead of us, sounds pretty counter-productive and corruption of decades of tax-payer funds. Billions wasted and siphoned off in deliberate falsifications. What will be done? Like with the Banksers, nothing, with no action from Obama.

In the biggest story of the year, so far, the question has to be, where do we go from here. It would be prudent to see how we got to this point of international disclosure, and for that we turn to a long video after the jump showing the discovery and questioning why the Chinese released this historical information without any fanfare. Richard Hoagland, featured on one of the past moon vids seen here recently, explains.

Now sit back and let the glow of the video wash over you as you come to know the next installment of MOONGATE.

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