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Temecula, CA – Following the third Republican debate and the still careening circus that is or was this year's road to the nomination process, changes were bound to happen to the train wreck party of the 'teens. When the smoke cleared, there were three big dudes standing, and none of them was or will be 'Jeb' Bush. Funny how life has a sense of humor, oh wait, that's called karma. There may be a stone, a brick, or even a frame house in your future, but never a white house, Gomer. The rich life isn't too bad, 'cept for the ribbing you will get at Thanksgiving.

Aside from Bush donors leaving and the backfield disappearing, the RNC said, 'So long, baby' to the media network, in effect saying, it's your fault we look like idiots, incompetents, and dolts.

So now the rubber meets the road. So now the real process begins to play out. The cast of thousands has been twiddled down to The Don, The Doc, and The Dude, Rubio. If Rubio was to get elected, he would be the actual first Latino to be elected President, unlike some who have rewritten history. Cough, John Hanson.

With the white media fired, it is uncertain if the Latin media will still be involved with the February debate but seeing how February is Black History Month, maybe they will hold it on BET, or maybe on O since the month also has St. Valentine's Day in it .

Meanwhile before we get lost in all the useless rhetoric the Republicans like to sometimes throw out, let's see what the public really knows about the Rethuglicans.

'Newt G. once suggested that we look at what Germany with just a population of 82 million is doing, given it leads us in MFG/Exports and has high wages.

He then went silent!

Here is why, because Germany :

1. Has national industrialization plan like all other countries. Repubs AGAINST.

2. Has export Rebates of 19%, like all other countries. Repubs AGAINST.

3. Has cheaper National healthcare, not in cost of goods made. REPUBs Against.

4. Has stronger/larger Unions, 4 week min vacations, shorter work weeks, anti-outsourcing regs, paid min sick leave, paid maternity leave. Repubs AGAINST .

5. Has Unions on company Boards, interest free loans to MFGs. Repubs AGAINST.

6. Has 100% higher Min wages. Repubs AGAINST.

7. Spends 3 times as much on Infrastructure. Repubs AGAINST.

8. Spends very little on defense. Repubs Against.

9. Has more/stricter regulations centrally administered. Repubs AGAINST.

10. A leader in wind/solar energy. Repubs AGAINST.

11. A Leader in HighSpeed rail. Repubs Against.

12. Has earlier retirement age/higher benefits/7wk avg paid vacations, VS 1 wk. avg here. REPUBS AGAINST.

13. Has centralized education, not thousands of local school boards fighting over evolution/Christian myths. For science/facts/history. REPUBS AGAINST.

14. Has paid for/affordable College, moving to FREE. Repubs AGAINST.

Repubs were for insurance mandates till 2009, for Cap&trade acknowledging global warming, Deficit commission. UNTIL they were AGAINST.
Our economy is in slow growth, creates fewer jobs. Because what works, Repubs are AGAINST!

Note, yet we have recovered from this Repub mess better than in 1929 or in the EU where they tried the Hoover austerity solution that Repubs applauded at the time.


Shipping jobs to a Communist Country that pays a Bounty for each job, takes a 51% interest in the company, has 45% import tariffs on MFG goods, while Repubs shout free markets and how much they hate socialism… Unbelievable!

But yet Red states lead in the percent not paying taxes, and are propped up for the last 80 years with Tax money from Blue states.' - John Hill

'Other countries don't gut and destroy their manufacturing base, they know in order to have a sustainable and healthy economy you have to have most of your population have jobs to pay for your country's infrastructure and have a balance , not all dependent on services. Who in their right mind thought our once great country should decimate our citizens livelihoods so sociopath CEOS can become nations unto themselves and move our country toward fascism. Germany has a strong manufacturing base along with unions and doing well. Who allowed the propaganda that giving away our manufacturing and infrastructure was healthy economically for America? You lose the technical continuity by outsourcing every dam thing and it makes us too vulnerable and dependent on unstable countries and their political whims not to mention weather related disasters. How's it working out for Americans and their families with those Japanese deadly airbags? We don't have safe replacements while their Japanese company drags it's feet our families are left in serious danger. Isn't outsourcing grand?' - Patricia Wieneke, Chelsea High School

Despite the media manipulation, not all people who drinks the kool-aid stores the kool-aid.

Meanwhile Bernie Sanders home state has NOT had a citizen shot by killer cops. Go Bernie 2016.

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