Tuesday, October 13, 2015



Temecula, CA – As we move past the last blood moon the days get shorter and the time gets more depressing. A Congress of mostly millionaires who are bought and see the general public as dogs, or worse; a government that is owned and fighting for the corporations that want control of the world's resources for profit; a media system that promotes a 'white is right' mindset so much that even white people feel guilty about it; and a nation that is bi-polar in what it promises. It is that nation that is the new Rome and tonight the Democrats who would be the next President squared off tonight in Las Vegas for their first debate for voters.

The Dems Debate was at the other end of the political spectrum in that there were about a third less candidates, no two tier debate or 'kids table' nonsense, and a lot more civilized, a lot less showboat, and a ton more content. However the goal was the same; get up to or pass the front runner, Hillary Clinton, instead of Donald Trump. The one person who had the most recognition, Bernie Sanders, needed to maintain his momentum while letting more people know who he is. The other three just needed to get their message out and the one law professor, a non-politician, found out that he is more of an outsider than even he thought, left out in the cold like Cornel West was by Obama. Hurtz, do-nut?

Hillary, the old professional, showed up early to make headlines and put the 'Ho' in Hotel, Trump's hotel. Drawing attention to herself in a brash way to make a show really puts her in the same category as Trump. But again you have to say that now that Bernie knows he's in for a fight. HRC tried to pounce on him for his gun control stance. Bernie kept his cool and got some well deserved applause when he resounded with 'everyone is tired of hearing about your emails.'

Fallout: Bernie Sanders, I believe, will pick up some new support after tonight's debate. He seemed the clearest and several of his basic points have been or were also sounded by his competition, including Hillary. Overall it was a gentleman's debate compared to the orangutan battle of the Republicans, who actually take pride in being coarse and crude, something Hillary sniped about them. Maybe it's me, but the more Hillary tries, the more she seems the least likable and more cold-blooded of the group.

As we wait for the morning rushes about tonight's debate, here's a cartoon or two about the Candidate run so far.

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