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Temecula, CA – This Halloween the organization of 420Nurses turns six. In an industry starting to bloom and fight for survival, the diversity of products and services, through questions and answers, concerning motives and morals, the most free-flowing [to use my elder son's lingo] to pin down is the 420nurses.

In the following pictorial we look past the obvious to the artistry, the backstory, the empowerment, and the poise that is the 420Nurses, today, tomorrow, forever.

The group was called, then blessed into being the physical persona for repping medical marijuana through a conversation with Jack Herer [page 269, PT's book, Memoirs] in the summer of 2009 at the Purple Haze Fest. It was shortly after that whimsy met weed and the rest is herstory.

Leading the international organization is a young woman who is very capable,

And once trained to be a LAPD.

She personally and professionally supervises photo shoots,

While still being true to her artistic modeling side and her whimsy.

Her original magical idea soon attracted a following of young women, with more joining daily.

Some 420Nurses participate in innovative medical marijuana studies since they all are also patients.

Other 420Nurse models take a more traditional route.

Some 420Nurses are skateboarders;

Other 420Nurses do yoga,

 But the range of activities like the group itself, is diverse.

And open to all,

With an emphasis on individual development through a collective commonality and

Finding other like-minded cannabis patients who may not be models but are part of the community.

They share good times with fellow 420Nurses at work,

And with friends at play.

Some 420Nurses act;

Some 420Nurses are artists.

Many are animal lovers,

and all have a tat or two.

So whether they are stopping traffic, illustrated here by Marcus Chong [Tommy's son],

Being activists for Jack Herer's CCHI 2016,

Protesting for medical marijuana patient rights,

Or promoting for a show,

The 420Nurses stand apart from other pot culture models,

And all show vendor help,

Because the brand itself advertises related products and services in the best possible light.

The young women love the non-judgmental attitude of the 420Nurses organization which mirrors weed,

And show the freedom they feel by artistically posed shots.

Because they have a Biblical connection no NGO will ever become aware of or have,

They have a hand in their fabled destiny,

And possess that state of melancholy which some of us share.

All in an organization began 6 years ago by a young visionary you might pass on the streets in LA.

And predicted in the last paragraph of Memoirs, pp 320. Is there any wonder why I sought approval?

Flyer photographer, Jessica Lux getting her book signed at 420Nurses HQ Grand Opening
 Happy Birthday, 420Nurses - PT Rothschild, author and editor

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