Wednesday, October 7, 2015



Temecula, CA – The following is an APB out for this car. It belongs to Barack Obama and wots* is The Prez is back on the West Coast in either LA or SD, this weekend, kicking it old school after closing the TPP toxic trade deal.

Should you see this car, which will be in a caravan Arab sheikh style with other similar vehicles and a police escort plus road closures, please call this number 619-333-9627 immediately and report the location to the So Cal Fair Trade Campaign committee HQ.

Use the words, “Hi, I just spotted Obama at '…' and I live in '…' . If you have any further details like a destination, direction of travel, etc., that would be helpful.

In the event his weekend itinerary infotainment becomes public knowledge, please disregard this request. The purpose is to bring the treaty to the court of public opinion and Congressional pressure. The TPP will prove finally, possibly, that we are free citizens or corporate consumer economic dogs, part of an evil effort to control us as a species since this is trans-Pacific, not interstate.

The TransPacific Partnership is the same one Hillary Clinton was hawking here in Cali about a year ago. Thankfully Bernie Sanders has vowed to fight it in Congress and one would suspect that this treaty will become a plank in his platform of campaign.

(*- word on the street)

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