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Temecula, CA – In answer to yesterday's request for an APB on our boy Elroy, I mean Benedict Obama, we got two updates from our moles on the ground. The first is for those who might want to take in the Democratic Debate for free, or double your chances if you donate.

You may need a program to be able to identify anyone pass Hillary Rodham Clinton and Bernie Sanders though, as the Democratic Party seeks to confuse all outside their front-runner choice of Mrs. Bill 'They Still Love Him' Clinton. Recently Hillary has been pulling a George Bush trick, repeating the programs/philosophy of the competition by recently coming out against the TPP and vowing to get tough on Wall Street, two of Bernie's main planks. After making millions from Wall Street friends and connections, don't look for Lady Macbeth to bite the hand that knows her.

The national debate will take place next week but one winner will be selected to be flown first class into the event with a two night stay included. Go here to enter, and Good Luck. I entered, who knows, it could be fun. After the jump, the invitation to the Obama's.

Plus here's your chance to meet the man of the ordinary people. The man who got elected off the 'change' word, the man who presented a different face [color] the world as the head of the world's richest country. Coming to LA is the man a majority of middle to low income, ordinary people of all colors voted for, a ringer who is blood kin to Dick Cheney, and who some in the civilized world have called an ape, seemingly to make a joke of him. You can meet this man of the people in LA this weekend with Jamie Foxx, if you happen to have an extra $10K to drop at the door. Ordinarily I don't.

Here's the invite:

The Democratic National Committee invites you!
Barack Obama

For two L.A. events on

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Musical performance by Jamie Foxx

with Special Guest
President Barack Obama

At a private home in Pacific Palisades 
(address provided upon RSVP)

Doors open at 1 pm

To view the web invite or to RSVP, please click here:

Co-Host: $10,000 per couple
includes concert, remarks, preferred seating, reception and photo

Special Guest: $2,500 per person
includes concert, remarks, preferred seating and reception 

$1,000 per person
includes concert and remarks


Dinner at the home of Michael Smith
Los Angeles
(address provided upon RSVP)

To view the web invite or to RSVP, please click here: 

* Co-Host: $33,400 per person
* Attendee: $10,000 per person

For questions, please contact David Wolf at

The framework of today's world reveals a duality in reality. We see homeless but are told we live in the richest country in the world. We claim to be Christian nation but when striking a hospital and killing 55 but reporting 19, the President says sorry and a Presidential candidate, the brother of the man who helped destabilize the Mid East and start the present refugee crisis now flooding Europe, he doesn't even say 'sorry' but rather “Stuff happens.”

What is occurring would be called the unveiling stage, a stage my grandmother called, 'the uncovering of all Man's secrets.'

With the real manufactured origins of the moon uncovered, only two major secrets remain. The first is the age old question of 'why'. We know the plan went wrong but what was the original plan and two, what is the logic to life, the goal? It isn't to get rich and at a level higher than we are mentally, we can sense some intelligent design regardless of what or who you call it.

The first secret is uncovered in the last chapter of Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green, now on sale, Amazon. The second secret, we will have to 'Indiana Jones' that one with the clues from the aforementioned last Memoirs chapter.

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