Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Taste of Siam Cuisine, Just Give It a Try

Nowadays when I walk into Taste of Siam, I am greeted by hellos and waves from whichever sister is
in the back cooking.  I am brought my water and jasmine teapot without having to ask.  And I do not need to look at the menu anymore, but I often do. There are over 70 items to choose from, so I have had dishes catch my eye every once in a while, so far, so good.

That, however, was not how it started.  I grew up in the Midwest.  We did not have Thai food.  I had to drive over an hour to get Chinese food buffet.  Needless to say, I was a little scared going in, but my husband said, “Just give it a try.”  So here I was in a Thai food place for the first time in my life, what do I order???

Being a vegetarian, the first time in a restaurant can be a little daunting.  So many questions to ask the server and wondering if they are just going to tell you what you want to hear.  Not at Taste of Siam.  The restaurant is family owned and operated; everyone knows what they are serving and how it prepared.  My server Tyler, the son of one of the sisters in the kitchen, was very helpful and informative about the food and whether or not it was vegetarian and gluten free friendly.  Most of their dishes have the option of being prepared with chicken, beef, pork, tofu or all vegetable (my favorite).

Speaking of the food, what can I say except “Yum!”  Everything I have had there is flavorful and filling.  As far as appetizers go, the vegetable egg rolls are light and crispy and my meat-eating cousin loved the chicken satay.  The tofu delight is a personal favorite: triangles of tofu coated in cornstarch and fried to a golden brown, topped off with salty crushed peanuts and a sweet and sour plum sauce, divine.

In the main course there are many dishes that hit the spot.  Spicy fried rice with personal spicy level setting (my husband has had the level five, yikes spicy, but I prefer a level three), Cashew Nuts with your choice of protein in a rich brown sauce, savory Chow Mein with roasted crushed garlic on top, and my new favorite: Pad Ka Pow.  Tons of mixed vegetables sautéed with onions, bell peppers and Thai basil leaves in a delicious garlic chili sauce.

If you happen to go during lunch hours, 11am -3pm, you can take advantage of their Lunch Special: soup or salad, one egg roll, rice and a drink with a choice of 13 different entrée options for only $8.50.  That is a great deal!  The lunch portions are not much smaller than a regular portion, and the regular portions are HUGE!  If you are there for dinner or don’t want to whole lunch set up, most everything on the menu is under $10 with the exception of the seafood dishes.

The next time you are craving Thai food, or just want to give something new a try, make your way down to Taste of Siam.  The food is delicious and the people are amazing.  Don’t despair if you have food restrictions or allergies, they are aware and willing to modify for you.  There are many different choices to accommodate even the pickiest of eaters.  They also deliver with 3 miles of the restaurant if you don’t feel like leaving the house.  As a word of caution, they are a family business, so they are closed every Monday.  Best to get your cravings during the rest of the week.  You can find Taste of Siam at the corner of Alta Murrieta and Murrieta Hot Springs road: 40365 Murrieta Hot Springs road C-8 in Murrieta, Ca. www.tasteofsiamcuisine.com

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