Monday, October 19, 2015



Temecula, CA – Beltway politics and mainstream media are sounding the alarm after Larry David's spot-on send-up of Bernie Sanders and Bernie's classy sidestep of one of two HRC turds on the public stage. Now they are reaching for their great white hope, Vice President Joe Biden, Barack's clown of a vice president.

It is amazing that the most recent survey of corrupt countries would put America as the least, until you see who conducted the survey and read their history as an American initiated non-American NGO much like the FDA on food safety. It is this farce of a system that the honorable Vice President Joe Biden comes from.

The Delaware politician is from the state that has the most illegal or shady corporations because Delaware is the easiest state to incorporate in. Being tiny in size and population compared to some of its neighbors, the ease to incorporate made millions and still does for the state. This has been especially handy for known polluters.

The state system was set up this way not through stupidity but through guile, and done that way on purpose. The politician, Joe Biden, reflects that culture, as does his family. Son Hunter Biden was kicked out of the service for coke use and the apology doesn't sound as if Dad is going to ground him, or ever has.

The fact that they, the powers that be, trot out someone who is morally ambiguous and seems to have no visible track record other than being the 'gaff guy'; also someone who couldn't overshadow Obama much the same as Jingles could never overshadow Wild Bill Hickok [TV series, color], shows just how deep the corruption goes in this country also.

In fact, it comes as no surprise that third world countries would be fill the bottom of the list as the most corrupt, but ask yourself, who are the most evil? Those who are corrupt because of need, or those who are corrupt because of greed?

May the farce be with you [and not with me].

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