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Temecula, CA – The world mourns again for the innocent blood shed by civilians; people who have no dog in the fight; people going about their lives in a moment of expected enjoyment. In an instant lives are changed and the ones left traumatized, for the rest of their lives. Somewhere God has to be shaking his head, if the father figure is accurate. I know because I'm a father. However, I can't do anything but pray for my kids mostly. For the general population things are different.

You see, the general population has a code of ethics, or morals, or shared beliefs, and at least half the world's population has the Ten
Commandments. For those who say religion is the cause, plenty of people who don't have any religion also kill and maim. To allow for people to live in groups, codes have to be developed and adhered to. All of these codes have a remedy for living peaceably. The rules of engagement are found in the religious books and honor these codes come from. In the Old Testament the law is simple, 'an eye for an eye.'

Bill Maher asked, 'Why do they hate us?' Pope Francis has called a “piecemeal World War III,” in describing the attacks and said, “There is no justification for these things.”

Tonight as we collectively say R.I.P. to those in France who perished and the ones who will succumb to their injuries in the coming days, a look at the two questions just posed. These opinions reflect my own mind and that of no other. Also, you can't use one religion to disprove another so after the jump, we consult with history's greatest seer, the man who said that we would get signals from The Watchers [the Black Knight Satellite], Nostradamus.

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First, let's examine what the pontiff said, being he is reported to be the Last Pope. Calling this attack in France 'piecemeal World War III' fits this Pope being apocalyptic and a Jesuit. The WWIII reference segues us right into Nostradamus who told us about World War III.

Though the full videos are no longer available*, Nostradamus predicted the world would run 27 years. So let's think when the current Middle East problems started. To me that would be Operation Desert Storm, 17 January 1991. So 1991 plus 27 years is 2018.

According to my friend back east who is also a little into eschatology, the coming 'hot war' will being enough devastation to usher in the Anti-Christ whom he and most people see as a human. Nostradamus says the war will be brought to an abrupt end with an arctic alliance. After that the Anti-Christ will be defeated. Who's right? Who cares when the bombs are going off around you?

That deals with the Pope's statement, how about Bill Maher. That is also easy to explain. After routing a bunch of Arabs in Desert Storm, a sound thrashing by the historical Crusaders, aka Christians, the generation of Muslims that saw it happen grew up. When they reached their twenties the Crusaders were back again under the banner of 911, sacking the country of Iraq and later putting crippling sanctions on Iran.

And there was also Afghanistan, a sovereign but corrupt nation we sought the natural resources of. The CIA has been meddling in that country's affairs since the 80s. When the Europeans invaded most countries they were the ones who brought gunpowder ensuring the power to rule like gods. But that was then. Now everyone has gunpowder. Those who believe in an eye for an eye live by that creed are making good on that belief.

The Russian vacationers aboard the plane brought down by a reported bomb [sorry, lithium batteries excuse] was the direct result of Russia's involvement in Syria, and an 'inside job' so they say. Now the poor people in Paris are slaughtered in a similar fashion as attacks in India, Pakistan, and Mother Russia, and the world grieves again. It seems ludicrous that educated people don't understand that the Arabs who have had their areas diced up by the West, didn't buy into that whole 911 Commission report that way it was passed and accepted here in the States. So why do they hate us, Bill?

'White people' want to ask why are black people racist when slavery ended 200 years ago. Well, back then non-whites were disenfranchised and shot down like dogs. Oh wait, two hundred years later, in certain areas black people are still disenfranchised and shot down like dogs.

For people not to realize just what is happening and why, something that seems obvious to me since I write about politics, is maybe the stick in some eyes. Because of wanting to control the wealth of everyone, the Day of Judgment is coming for the Colonialists, as foretold in the Q'uran, the Bible, and interpretive writings by Nostradamus. The thing now is to enjoy life and hope your name is in the Book to be saved or spared.

The juggernaut has started. 2 Billion souls are waiting on a presumed lucky break allotted to 144,000 before the fireworks hit in math I never understood. Meanwhile another 2 billion are waiting for the guy who isn't even their prophet, and though they have the same 144,000 reference, most have no clue as to who these 144,000 really are. Even the Jews aren't part of this exclusive bunch.

One hundred and forty-four is still quite a few and there is one other group in the Bible which has always intrigued me. The group is smaller, hand-picked, and included in the future, or now since this is the future. This bunch of folks has authority because Jesus mentions them in particular, in the way an alchemist might disguise recipe for a philosopher's stone. The close knit group also is selected before stuff hits the fan. Unlike the 144K, this group of guests are rarely understood, therefore rarely preached about but they are there for all to ponder. I wrote about them in Chapter 20, Memoirs, listing my take on it but read the original KJV, which is the most cryptic, contained in the section from Matt 25, 1-13.

(*- The video and almost all parts was pulled first from 3rd party use after this story appeared, then later from YouTube altogether after this story. Coincidence? - Ed)

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