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Temecula, CA – When the HuffPost runs a story like this, you have to sit back and wonder. While the Huff puffs it was Paris gas that made them all 'loopy', this journalist puts it all down to fluoridated H2O and the use of tap water which most cities do at 'someones' authorization, right? I mean someone has to set up the distribution. You don't have trucks driving from city to city looking for a customer.

That reasoning can be used for almost all the Presidential candidates, except Shillary Clinton and Ben Carson, who thanks to institutionalized racism, is never referred to by his profession in printed headlines. I doubt this would happen if Donald was a doctor. We'll get to our Hillary in the Headlights soon but this time we take a look at gentle Uncle Ben.
Given his map experience, you have to conclude that this is a Bushism. For those who haven't lived in this country longer than Obama has been an executive order writer, old Dubya could really make a smart man laugh out loud, and maybe want to have a beer with him. Not so with Gentle Ben, I mean Dr. Carson. Dude, it's not Rocket surgery, it's Brain science. And the fact that so many people, especially white people, are swayed by him shows the far reach and fulfillment of the fluoridation program made popular by Hitler for undetected crowd control. Please see WWII photos for proof.

The loose grip on reality is expressed here and in the video below.

The map fiasco above comes from Dr. Carson's view of the Syrian Refugee question after Paris.

 Meanwhile others have noticed Dr. Carson's strange and sometimes baffling spewed Intel. But as I said toward the beginning of this article, I have a theory how Dr. Carson became Yosemite Sam. Could Bushism be spread like this as Ben gets a deserved medal for being a real but dull achiever? You make the call.

A bigger grin than Obama when in route to Roscoe's Chicken
All this would be funny if it wasn't real. Mission Accomplished.

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