Friday, November 27, 2015



Temecula, CA – So much is happening so fast, but we bring the latest to you being electronic, not print.

That being said, the Calendar also brings you the news that others can't, given the need for attracting advertisers and ad revenue. Let's face it, advertisers don't like politics that aren't establishment or that are controversial, especially local advertisers. Why do you think you never see anything against Flu shots or fluoridated tap water?

Since that is a reason to scope the Calendar first and stay ahead, it is news when a very major company like Pepsi whose HFCS sodas are almost as bad as Coke, spends a bundle to make this controversial ad featuring a topic that many still consider to be in the tin foil hat posse corral. After the jump, what do The Pope and Pepsi know that we don't? That is the question to ask yourself.

Remember the story here, 'You Can't Spell Annunaki Without U'? What is this girl's name? Notice too how they join hands.

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