Friday, November 6, 2015



Temecula, CA – We will start off with pot news. Joining Canada, Australia, Amsterdam, is Mexico, Mary Jane Green's own TransPacific Partnership in the latest move by Divine Intervention, the mother of cannabis. On top of that, Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders, a person who has been calling for a real change, introduced a bill in Congress to make marijuana a State's Rights issue in a classy 'take that, Bitch' move. Meanwhile number 1 Ohio punted the pot question on 4th down due to a lousy written, greed inflated bill those wanting control thought they shear the sheep with.

It must also be noted as people continue to be slaughtered by the cops, in general, that Bernie Sanders' state of Vermont has not had a cop blow away any of the state occupants to date. Better cops, less crime, civil respect along with civil rights, who knows? It just is what it is, but you can check it here courtesy of those outside the reach of police unions, unlike Tarantino. Police threatening private citizens. Will wonders ever cease?

Although the establishment media continues to push or pull the front-runners they deem for the masses, basically Carson and Clinton in an effort to split the vote along race and gender lines, the master gambit move from those who control the world like a chess game, the ones they push continue to present chinks in their armor, warts and faults. After all, you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, now can you?

Over at French valley airport, bi-planes, stunts planes, and other aviation equipment gets ready for tomorrow's big air show from 9-4. This is an event will provide ample viewing and enjoyment for the largest possible audience with many viewing from their back yard parties under picture postcard skies in perfect weather. Just remember, 'normal is an illusion.' - Lady of The Lake button

Obama after they rejected it on their end because of the change in leadership up in Canada, reversed course on the Keystone Pipeline, giving the activists a win in their column when they least expected it. Hopefully they will remember those who were elected and sold them out come primary time.

What does it mean to be an activist? What is an activist? An activist is one who activates what is considered a better idea or a righteous movement. [Do not confuse righteous with religious - Ed]

In that light, three events happened that should thrill my activist friends who believe in the right thing. The first is the release yesterday of the real full list of KKK members. For the skinny and complete story, go here. The second is witnessing my Vietnamese friends announce that their TV station is now talking about chemicals and food products, cough GMOs. The fact that a non-Western culture is now aware of something I stood on Dana Point corners for is heart-warming.

What many activists forget or lose sight of is, it is never the goal of the activist to win the fight, for we fight against powers and principalities. It is the goal of the activist to fight, and activate the idea of justice. Hearing this old Vietnamese lady say that they were talking about food things which she knows I stand for means the correct idea has reverberated outward and reached her level of cultural isolation based on her demo in the American marketplace.

And, there is one other thing. Playboy Magazine voted to stop doing nudes in its pages as a forward motion past the objectification of yore. I predict this new editorial direction will elevate the medical marijuana model to stardom and acceptance. What think you?

Have a great start to the weekend - Ed

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