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Temecula, CA – Though Temecula's new School of Rock may be the next big thing for newcomers of this magical valley, parents, new locals, and grey-haired career city politicians can recall the days of “We Want The Vault” when that venue, the lasting outgrowth from a genuine music scene, was T-Town's organic School of Rock, birthing the talent of MSATS for commercial delight. This weekend another Vault alumni, Indica Roots, will perform at Hempcon, in San Bernardino at the NOS Center, a home to many cannabis-themed events.

Hempcon, like Indica Roots, has been around for a while and therefore both have a fan base. The NOS event is primarily for medical marijuana recommendation holders considered the 'black market, a den of thieves, and satanically out of control' by the ones who are guilty of avarice, sloth, and blasphemy through the actions of control and mechanization. In short, the forces of Big Pot who have no need for cannabis beyond commercialism.

Indica Roots is a band that represents the same ideals – an income for the little man, justice, peace, love, and a party. In short, the idea behind the theorem of One Love, a Rasta ideal. Of course all this is put to a move-your-hips  'house party' beat. From being part of the scene, I can attest to the infectious rhythms this band lays down. In fact, some of their tunes are featured in the initial radio traffic playlist.

And then there's Linzy Miggantz, a part of the Vault support team, who has now grown up and blossomed into a full-fledged, bona fide, take a picture of her work, artist. Once again this magical valley produces a star to shine. 

Pictured here in the group at the art institute she attends is LinZy, bottom row, second from right.

The Emerald Cup

And why LinZy's heART-work is at the 'Academy Awards' of the cannabis culture.

LinZy at Soul Bloom
We who remember the scene are proud of the artists, both music and visual, that it birthed for the future.

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