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Temecula, CA – The Calendar interview of PT Rothschild, author, editor, and subject of Keenwild's 2003 Australia download hit, 'Mr. Pete', now concludes with Part Three.

from Part Two: 'The government is out of control. That's what Occupy was about. The movement showcased the current state of America in America. But it was also a calling out. That's what the people and the press missed.' - PT

TC: A calling out? Please explain.

PT: Ever hear the expression 'Many are called, few are chosen?'

TC: Yes, but how do you mean it?

PT: There are levels in life. You have the survival level. Most of us live on that level. When you don't have to struggle to work, or when you don't have to work a job, you exist on a different level. Most activists are on this level. The professionals anyway. Above this level are people who are the movers and shakers. Above them are the powers and forces, and finally, the intelligent plan, or what we call God's plan. That's the sense being a purpose to all of this. It was the level of powers and forces that spawned Occupy, itself an outgrowth of the anti-globalization protesters.

As is said in the Bible, the world is moving toward a one-world system. That means control and conformity, order and regiment. That's what governments want and that's what religion wants. Man seeks to be God, to be in control of all things even food, but man is not God. There are forces that fight against the control of Man because Man isn't the only sentient presence on this planet. It was this level which birthed Occupy; at least Occupy Los Angeles.

Occupy LA was the most Christian un-Christian event I have ever been to. It wasn't a protest. It was like a two month long political Woodstock. That's why it shares the book dedication with Jack Herer and Jack's friend Capt. Ed Adair.

TC: That's pretty impressive an honor. There was a lot written about the Occupy Movement.

PT: It's still going on. When I say a calling, the people who came to be in the camps, they were touched. I know I was. In fact, Occupy LA is also the next link in my story chain.

TC: How so?

PT: Being at OLA was exciting and humbling, but also magical in the way of being its own little sovereign place, this spot with huge ancient trees. Trees so old their bark is smooth and at night the canopy blots out the skyscapers. The noise of the outside world is still there but at night, it seems like a television in another room. Everyone smoked weed and everyone had a rec. Having a rec was a matter of honor.

You know, being a journalist is just a social butterfly who can write well and takes the world somewhat seriously. I fit right in there politically and knew my pot history. My adventure partner, Sam, Vault security and political as well as an artist, took me up cause he had the truck. Actually I did both the LA Occupy and the first week of the San Diego Occupy. They were really different.

TC: Different? In what ways?

PT: LA was way bigger. The location was better. You know, we were centered around the building you see in all the Superman movies and TV series. That added to the magic of the LA experience. San Diego started out on an up note, but then this right wing Christian nutjob went up on the eighth floor of the parking garage in the area to hang a 'God is Great' sign or something like that over our second floor banner proclaiming Occupy. When he leaned over to hang it, being a paraplegic and by himself, over he went. Landed head first out like a watermelon in front of the bar I was sitting in for a beer break.

TC: Holy shit!

PT: Yeah, really took the air out of the place. And they never really recovered from that. Part of the reason was the truth about who he was never came out in the paper. I of course printed it in my story coverage but how many people realistically read my stuff versus the commercial press? I recently came across one of the OSD leaders who is now involved in the TPP fight. She didn't know the details so I filled her in. Being a journalist in a cause is more than just being a leader or even a participant. At OLA Sam and I had two tents [pictured above]. People knew us and I made two friends important to my book.

TC: Really? Who?

PT: My book editor Jeff Bradford, who I met on the first night in camp. That friendship grew exponentially and it started out with me figuring that he might smoke weed. I offered a bowl that night in celebration to kick off the protest and the rest is history. We both decided to get our recommendations after Occupy ended. I remember thinking how cool it was that we both reached the decision independently. I think he felt the same way and for the same reasons. There was also Jessica Lux, the photographer who took The Picture for the flyer at the UCC NORML fundraiser.

TC: Why did you decide to get your recommendation after so long, what 40 years?

PT: Let's see, from 1964 to 2013.

TC: Wow. And you could have gotten a rec when, 94?

PT: Yeah. But in 94 I was still a stoner. After I resumed smoking again sometime in late 2001, I just re-entered the world I had left. All the people I knew and specifically the younger ones, all smoked weed but not to party like stoners. They smoked it to function. And after '01 pot helped my life function as well.

TC: But you weren't a patient.

PT: I didn't say I was. I said pot helped my life function. In the book I speak of this on a personal level but really my life was again like the book cover. I was leading a double life but in two different worlds. In the normal world I seemed typical but I was wearing a disguise. In the art scene world pot was the norm. We even had our own scene names. It's where 'Mr. Pete' came from. The song Mr. Pete is about grabbing something to eat after getting stoned. I talked about pot proudly being in the Bible after I found out.

But after Occupy LA all that changed.

TC: And you got your rec.

PT: Yes, and that's where this cannabis magic thing, the essence of what and why all those ancient cultures used cannabis in their rituals really made its presence felt in my life. You see, up until Occupy and with only a few bumps, life was sweet from AJ's job on from that point. After occupy and getting that recommendation my life went into overdrive it seemed.

I got the rec December 2011, then decided I was going to do a LA radio show through some connections I had made in LA. That led to dusting off the old manuscript, rewriting and smoothing the flow but I still had that weak last chapter. Jeff had agreed to read and edit the first nineteen chapters. I had tried to come up with something for the last chapter while at OLA but the thought pattern just dead-ended.

In early summer 2012 I received an epiphany. The majority of Chapter 20 came in this bundle of knowledge.

TC: What stuff came to you?

PT: The Bible stuff, actually all the Bible stuff. And it came in order. I didn't have to sort it out. It flowed like the first nineteen chapters did. Because of my Bible belief and literacy it all made sense to be in that form. Chapter 20 is the only place Biblical reference place. The Daniel 2 discernment came fully explained but rolled out in two different reveals showing the money connection. When I later saw where Obama had the same type of dream as Nebuchadnezzar, I said 'holy shit!'

TC: Why is that?

PT: The image in Nebby's dream is the god Mammon, the god of money. That's why he is made up of different metals that decrease in value as you go further down the image. But the image also represents what you could call the world's currency might cryptically. All the empires have been identified except for the last, the end empire. My book says the image feet are iron and clay because the dollar is based on oil, or the iron horse and the clay dirt represents what you dig through to get the oil. The system of money is the heart of capitalism and the one motivating principle of capitalism is the drive for it, or the love of money.

Ask any Christian and he or she will say, “Jesus died for your sins.” My last wife, the witch, and I used to argue over the point. Looking back now I have to say I was wrong. For whatever Jesus represented, when he threw out the money-changers, that was when they said among themselves, 'he's got to go. We don't care who he is.' So it was money that killed him. He challenged the system and the system won. But did it?

Even with the other Biblical scenarios and tie-ins, I was left with one missing puzzle piece. And that was me. Why me and why now? On top of this, I had this burning desire to have this book out by early 2013, then a day or two later decided, no, before 2013. Suddenly December 21, 2012 stuck in my brain. I didn't check the calendar because I knew that date was also known as 'doomsday'. It naturally fit. I had my deadline date. I laid out the epiphany as exact and as complete as I could but the question was still in my mind. If this was the matrix, why was I Neo? What was my part?

In early autumn about a week after I had final drafted what I had and done research on how to self edit, the second epiphany hit. While it had less amount of things, the information it did contain was more stunning than the previous.

TC: What did this one tell you?

PT: The second epiphany explained everything I needed to know up until that point.

TC: What do you mean 'up to that point?'

PT: Like I said, this book is a view to an adventure, and that adventure is still moving forward. My book is kind of the prequel.

TC: A prequel to what?

PT: To the end of the capitalist system in this country and then later to the world. That's what the dream in Daniel 2 shows. The fact that Obama records a very similar dream and image in his Dreams of My Father means to me the bookends of the money system. Since he is the Prez here, the collapse will start here. Cannabis or the spread of cannabis will have something to do with it also. But that wasn't what blew me away?

TC: What did then?

PT: The second epiphany told me who my epiphanies came from.

TC: Who?

PT: They are called The Three Fates or the Moirai. While you may have never heard of them, you actually have and just didn't know it. Historically they are The 3 Witches in Macbeth. The 3 Women of Vietnam. The terms of 'past, present, and future' come from these beings that have been hidden by Christianity. These beings aren't spirits, like in good or evil, and they are not angels.

TC: What are they?

PT: Their official title is Immortals. There is a wealth of information available about them and you really should read it to begin to understand the level of being we are talking about. They are not angels because they did not bring me an announcement. They offered me a 'free will' choice and commentary like the three witches in Macbeth. I discovered who they were when I read a book of mine now in my ex-wife's collection in 1999. When I read their description in this Time-Life book, the hair stood up on the back of my neck.

TC: What do they want with you?

PT: Well, that has been the $64,000 question. At first I thought it was to again predict what was coming, but more in a commercial way while revealing the underlying metaphysical and esoteric themes present that go all the way back to Genesis. Lately I have decided that is too grandiose.

TC: Why do you say that? Writers write to express ideas.

PT: True, but the work itself has a certain magic to it because the information in it came from these beings.

TC: Really? Give me an example.

PT: Well, things started off with finding out that Monsanto did indeed have GMO pot, something that has only recently been quietly admitted too. I predict this on page 309 but when I wrote it, I didn't write it as a prediction. I wrote it as a fact because that knowledge had been given me in the first epiphany via the Moirai. Though it's official now, Letitia Pepper, a cannabis lawyer activist first dropped the info at least a year ago. That led to a second revelation about the book, but the third prediction filled made me a believer.

TC: What was it?

PT: On the last page of my story I tell this tongue-in-cheek joke with sexual innuendo concerning some maidens mentioned seriously a few paragraphs prior. After the second sign, I realized this joke foretold meeting the 420nurses, and releasing the book publicly on Doomsday morn was the very first fulfillment. It made chills go up and down my spine. Whatever is to come, Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green is part of the origin.

I will tell you this. There is a side to life that we feel is there and want to believe is. I found the road to get there and my book is the scenic route, a journey of a romantic hero, minus the warts. My shield being a Christian; the Ten Commandments, and a vocal spell to cast aside demons. Plus the KJB. Many of the people in the book are still living and can testify to the events of these pages being true. Some of the names were changed to protect present identities, some names omitted, and some names used. The more personal people and those with no connection to a marijuana POV were purposefully left out but never forgotten.

A sequel is planned...

If you missed Part One

or missed Part Two

420, One Love

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