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Temecula, CA – In the continuing effort to be ahead of the curve on controversial topics the main stream market peaks interest in, like MH370, police killings before they became the rage, the GMO-junk food poisoning, and of course, cannabis regulation, we present the following interview with author PT Rothschild, editor, activist, and resident journalist for the Temecula Calendar in its entirety.

The weather had started to turn chilly when we sat down over tea to record this interview and after looking through the stock pictures, PT insisted we use the lead photo pictured below. I asked why?

PT: Because just last week [November] the Mexican Supreme Court ruled in favor of medical marijuana for the reason I wrote on the sign in the picture [above] at my first Cannabis Cup back in February. This is the 30th sign or wonder come to pass concerning my book since I dropped officially it on Doomsday, December 21, 2012, in LA. That was a heck of a potluck party. I met the 420Nurses that night. I love LA.

TC: Let's go back to the beginning. What brought you to Southern California and to this area in particular?

PT: I was leaving a marriage, again. This time my wife was a witch.

TC: A real Samantha witch?

PT: No, that's make-believe, Hollywood. No, real witches are called Wicca. They are nothing like what you see on TV or in the movies, but they are a little strange. [laughs]

TC: In what way?

PT: In that way people who have eccentric gifts are. One of the hidden sides of life I address in my book is the esoteric or magic side of life. That's Chapter 7, 'Start of The Magical Mystery Tour'.

TC: Isn't that a Beetles music reference?

PT: Yes. I use music references all through the book; some you will know and some you will not. Music has been a part of my life since the 10th grade so I have a humongous mental catalog of titles. I think that's why I don't remember band members names, I retain titles and band names instead.

TC: OK, you're in Southern California, no wife, now what?

PT: Well you got to understand. This felt like I was literally born again. I got off the train in Oceanside with $500 cash, two duffle bags with mostly clothes, and an ounce of Midwest weed. My mind was mush. That happens when you live with a witch. It's not scary, more like living in the Twilight Zone. Your mind moves like the tide, in and out. Plus this was California. Do you know how weird California is to everyone else?

TC: Heard that.

PT: I get a slight ribbing from friends back in the Midwest when I go back there about becoming 'California'. But that was at first some when I went back. And I got acclimated to being here. The first place I moved to, Murrieta, was the place I decided to stay in. When I later found out that the town name means 'place to flee to' I knew I had made the right call. But I also knew something else. My life had a direction to it that before I had just put down to fuck-ups, blind luck, born under a good sign, etc. Now I know all that is bull shit.

TC: What do you mean?

PT: By the time I came out to California I knew my life was on a set course. I didn't know where it would lead, but I knew I was on an adventure. I am a Christian, a Presbyterian, like Donald Trump I find out now, so I know the 'churched side of life' and how God has a plan. I believe in miracles. Now I was in California, a magical place to me, after being married to a witch and coming to a spot that's called a place to flee to? Dude. What I had to figure out was why I was out here. But first the dance floor had to stop spinning.

At first I hoped to learn a new trade, silk-screening, and start a new life here for my family, but that never happened. I did get a job almost as soon as I got out here, so I could at least exist. That led to me meeting and making some friends. Since they were work-related and mostly teens, I didn't date. Plus I wasn't really ready to date or even look around. I was in Cali for something and it wasn't the nookie. My eldest son said the same thing. Remembering David Lee Roth after he had a breakup with his long-time girlfriend, I decided it was 'Me' time. Plus California is really a 'single' state so I began my new life.

TC: When did the book come about?

PT: It was in 2001. I got tired of the 'hook-up' process that I was going through to get my weed to smoke. I was riding around on my bicycle like a teenager arranging connections for a kick-down, and I said, 'This is bullshit. I'm not a kid.' That day I quit being a stoner.

TC: Aren't you a stoner still? Why, you're lighting up a bowl right now!

PT: No. I'm a medical marijuana patient. There is a difference. That's why I have a rec, a recommendation.

TC: So you're not a stoner??

PT: No, and that is the mistake people inside and outside the 'stoner culture' make. This is also why I don't favor any type of government regulation on pot. Hemp products are different. Aside from the rampant government corruption that comes from the current lobbying atmosphere, why is it easier to get a gun than to have pot? This whole 'it must be regulated because it is harmful' issue is bullshit, and people know it. In their hearts the ones who have smoked some weed know it's bullshit. That's why Ohio went down the way it did. And California too with Prop 19. This is why I wrote Memoirs. Weed is a big issue and it ain't getting any smaller. My book explains why it's growing now, and what is coming.

TC: And what's coming??

PT: Yes, down the pike. Look, most people either take an idea or a notion, then either build data or a story around it and that becomes their book basis. Mine didn't start that way. As I told my cousins at my 70th birthday party up in LA, I had always felt that I would be dead by 26. In which case my eldest son would be an only son, like me, and none of the other kids would know me at all. I'd have been like Marty McFly.

But on the first Friday night I spent in a new city preparing to start a job there, newly separated from my first wife and said son, in the first winter after my grandfather passed, I scored some street weed. I repacked a Kool with Mary Jane later in my rented YMCA room, toweled the door, opened the window, and puffed tough. When I finished and still thinking about my new circumstances, I got ready for bed, first saying my prayers as I had always done, being churched. Besides the usual stuff, I added a special request for the future. Then I went to sleep.

Sometime in the night I realized someone was in my room but I didn't wake up. Though I wasn't afraid, there were three hooded monks in my room, two at my bedside and one at the foot. The room was also dark or in the same light as I had gone to sleep in. When this encounter was over, I had been granted what I call, 'bargained' time.

TC: Bargained time? I've heard of borrowed time but never 'bargained' time. How's that work?

PT: These monks, or one of them, offered me a choice of paths, life paths is what I thought at the time.

TC: Life paths?

PT: Yes, and the choice was the easy path or the hard path through life. I chose the hard path. This wasn't some snap decision. I asked some questions. But it was the reward promised at the end and the answer to my last question that got me to answer 'yes'.

TC: What was your last question?

PT: What are my chances?

TC: What happened then?

PT: Nothing. Absolutely nothing, except in my second year there I got involved in politics. Nixon was in and I worked with a neighborhood enfranchised group. It's why I know the flow of all these cause groups. It's all politics and it's the same as then. New faces, some new causes, same old game, same ego tripping for some. Now it's easier to spot the good guys though. But yeah, nothing happened and I quit expecting anything. But this was me looking at the situation, and I was on the receiving end not the dishing it out end. After all, I'm just a mortal. I was 25 and this was 1970.

In 1980, after another marriage bit the dust plus a second son born from my fast two years in Indy, I got another visit.

TC: Really? What happened this time?

PT: Well this time was different. First, I knew who they were. Though I didn't really know who they were, I had seen them before and hadn't been harmed or affected as I thought, I was ready to say 'howdy' but again I was caught off-guard.

TC: How so?

PT: This time they were in a hurry and one was at bedside with two at the foot. They asked a quick question, got the answer and left the way you see in the horror flicks when the walls move back.

TC: Wow.

PT: But this time the room lights were on.

TC: Last time the room was dark, right?

PT: Correct. This time the lights were on when they showed up meaning they weren't coming in my dreams, I was seeing them in real time. They asked me about my current girlfriend, the redhead in the book, so they were aware of my present life. It was 1980, ten years after the first visitation, which is what I called it.

I could make them out in much better detail this time although I still saw no faces, not even in the shadows of the hoods. But there was something about the way they moved, almost like a signature perfume would be to my mind; this told me the next time I came across them with or without hoods, I would know who they were.

TC: Did you ever find out who they are?

PT: Much more than that. What I found out really unraveled the belief system I grew up on. By the same token what I found out led me to know why I have the life I do and more recently, what my reason is for getting bargained time.

TC: Go on.

PT: The world is just like I speak of on the back book cover. Every element mentioned there is now in play. As mentioned by Nostradamus, the third world war has been simmering for years and is ready to blow. ISIS downing that Russian plane just moves the ante up a notch. The dollar is as strong and proud as in 1929. The Keystone pipeline was shut down by the people who started it, not by Obama, so the rape of the earth is still rampant and unrepentant. And now they want to put more restrictions on something that helps people than they have for something that kills people. All for money. Well, that's not going to happen.

TC: Why not? The government pretty much does whatever it wants. All the governments do. What's different this time?

PT: This bit of information, whether people want to believe it or not. Pot is in the Bible. And not just 'in' the Bible. Cannabis plays a prominent role. When you lack that information you are like the Germans in Raiders of The Lost Ark, “Digging in the wrong place.”

end of Interview With A Stoner – Part One

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