Thursday, November 19, 2015



Temecula, CA – Were this a movie, it would be funnier than Dumb 'n' Dumber plus more layered than ensemble flick Tropic Thunder, but this Kafkaesque media coverage concerning Hillary Clinton is looking as crooked as the last police – civilian killing. Is the country truly falling apart at the seams as it exposes a political system as rigged as anything Russia or China has? A system touted as free but in reality as rigged as Tijuana Justice at 2AM.

You have to wonder just how much longer people will see the smoke before there are flames, especially from the veterans, the patriots, the car club enthusiasts, and all the others who still believe in the system. Here is the latest results, which are pretty much a repeat of the first Democratic Candidate Debate, in reported winners and losers. The candidates for the Dems are down to 3. Two got The Apprentice Memo.

After the jump we give you four independent views outside the establishment media gaze in hopes that what you see going on, you will tell those around you. After all, if all hell breaks loose, you want to know why.

If you saw the debate, disregard this story. Number one, you saw the truth, and number two, you have already made your voting choice. This story is for those who did not but may be watching or reading the establishment media and being served kool-aid.

A woman's view

The Young Turks

A black view

Another Turk

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