Tuesday, November 24, 2015



Temecula, CA – As my friends Woody and Randy [Winston in Memoirs] dig out in Iowa, see picture, we take a look at the Indian Summer period happening this past couple days and the trees in my neighborhood that are changing colors before all the leaves fall. 

After the jump we look at pictures of the trees all decked out in their fall colors while others are starting to turn as the temps are scheduled to turn cool for the next foreseeable weather forecast period.

In southern Cali our trees don't turn all at once.

But when they turn, 

They turn on a dime. Witness the same trees two days later.

They start the way gray hair starts, a little at a time.

And sometimes you get a streak,

But mostly when Autumn happens around here, you can find some amazing colors if you look.

Plus we still have our flowers

Even our trees still have flowers

Happy Thanksgiving

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