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Temecula, CA – Welcome back to Part Two of an interview with author and editor, PT Rothschild, as we find out more of the back story to Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green, The Autobiography of My Alter Ego [Amazon, CDBaby].

from Part One: “Whether people want to believe it or not. Pot is in the Bible. And not just 'in' the Bible. Cannabis plays a prominent role. When you lack that information you are like the Germans in Raiders of The Lost Ark, “Digging in the wrong place.” - PT

TC: What do you mean 'digging in the wrong place?'

PT: The Germans had only half the clues they needed to solve where the treasure, the Ark, was. They knew what they were looking for but because they lacked the other half of the medallion, they were off in their conclusion. So it is that way with cannabis. Two billion Christians and they have no clue about the connection of cannabis to the Bible.

TC: How did you learn of it?

PT: It was a curious thing and one I took then as my usual charmed lucky self. It was right around the decade change and pot stuff was rattling like a tea kettle. I decided to run a series about the complexity surrounding the pot issue, legal, medical, historical, the whole enchilada here on the Calendar. It wound up being 13 parts titled the Cannabis Conundrum. Just after the first part appeared or so, I came across a video featuring Chris Bennett, an editor for High Times and for Jack Herer's Emperor. He went into the Biblical tie-in. I also remembered I had a book he helped edit with a MMJ grower couple called Green Gold, The Tree of Life. It's on Amazon but out of print so getting a copy is expensive.

TC: Wow.

PT: Yeah. I actually got the book when I first met Jack Herer in 2003. I bought his book and The Osburns [Green Gold]. Got signed copies. Judy Osburn's inscription is really a magical blessing although I didn't take it at that then. When I re-read it not long ago, it made my heart feel good.

TC: Back to the Bible and the Germans and stuff.

PT: Yeah, well not knowing that cannabis is in the Bible is a purposeful deception, like Moses being Charlton Heston. In the 13th Century the Catholic Church outlawed cannabis smoking. Do you know that?

TC: No, why?

PT: Because they deduced that smoking it rendered their teachings as bullshit. Pretty much the same as today. You get stoned and you look around and wonder, Why? That clarity comes from being high, but it really comes from your mind being made aware. Cannabis makes you aware, and it's meant to do that. Experts call this dangerous and label 'it' as the psychologically additive element. In my book I isolate this element of cannabis and ascribe it to an ancient intelligence of self-awareness that is tied to a collective.

TC: Say What?

PT: Look. Most people believe that it's us and God in the universe. Or just us. But that leaves out a mass of stuff we all know exists. Like ghosts, magic, karma, emotion, and the earth. This book deals with the false logic that the earth is either dead or just there for our picking, like a refrigerator shelf. The earth is alive, and so is everything on it. To think we are the only intelligence aware on it, is arrogant. Even Jesus said the rocks were alive.

Cannabis as a plant is alive, until we prepare it for harvest but the spirit of the plant stays with the plant. It is this spirit that I deduce as guiding me through my life thus far. That is the connection I try to make as I show various situations and issues personally shaping my life against a world view to reflect upon my particular place in it. I have kind of a Forrest Gump thing going on. Besides Jack Herer, I've met the original Temptations, saw Michael Jackson, met Martin Luther King – shook hands with him actually, and there have been others but I can't think of any more.

Even the people who took me to see Jack Herer, the Victors, I met because of pot. Not the other people I named because they were before I met Mary Jane.

TC: How did you come up with the name 'Mary Jane Green?'

PT: I was sitting in the office where I worked with my friend AJ. It was a dream California job. It was his company and I just helped him run it. I was allowed to work on anything of mine as long as I provided assistance when AJ needed it.

TC: Sounds sweet.

PT: It was. Anyway, I was working, I think, on the Cannabis series and composing something when this thing just popped into my head about Mary Jane and having the last name of Green. I almost fell off my chair. I did a quick search for the name and nothing turned up. So I claimed it and starting using it. I added the last name to the manuscript title making it into what it is today.

TC: Was that it then? You were done now that you had your title.

PT: Oh, heck no. The book was just a manuscript then. When I saw Jack the second time I told him about the last name.

TC: What did he say?

PT: He smiled and said he liked it. That was important for two reasons.

TC: Which are?

PT: This book is a journey about my life. My life started being just an ordinary Christian kid like anybody else. Up until Chapter 7 it is normal, though maybe not typical given the pot theme. In Chapter 7 the theme of magic or the esoteric side of life is introduced. I didn't do this for a plot point. This is what happened in my real life. And I was just as 'deer in the headlights' as anybody you see on TV in the Twilight Zone. I mean, I went from praying to marrying a witch. That's not a step around the corner, dude.

TC: You're straying.

PT: By the time I met Jack Herer that second time, I knew the power to manifest through the naming of something. Jack Herer had written a powerful book. It is like a lightning rod with the history it contains. It was Jack's book that finally made me realize the government is evil. Plus as a member of First Presbyterian I am a lay minister. That gives me the privilege to name things, kind of like being a Friar.

Jack being who he was and in the shape he was in, needed to hear and bless the name. He was the next link in the chain.

TC: For getting the book written or made?

PT: No. This book is a recording of an adventure that is happening still, even as we speak because it has to do with cannabis and the commercialization of it. That process hasn't come to an end but my book takes you up to the point in my life where things change for me.

TC: Change? In what way?

PT: In knowing why my life was the way it was. At the end of my book, the very first prediction of the book takes place. I meet the 420Nurses.

TC: Yeah, right.

PT: Dude, I'd be the first person to say that you don't need a reason to want to hang around young hot women, though at my age it would be a little creepy, but that's part of the magic. More than that I can't say but I know meeting up with them was then the next link in the chain. And actually that's where the book ends. I do have a sequel I'm writing that will reveal a number of avenues.

TC: So you didn't know the 420nurses back then?

PT: Back then they didn't exist. That's what I'm trying to tell you. The book itself has a power to manifest. This power comes down through the magic of Jack's book and subject to mine with his blessing of the full Christian name for marijuana, Mary Jane Green. I told Jack the first time we met I was doing a memoirs book of me and pot. It didn't even have a title when I first met him.

TC: It didn't?

PT: No, nothing I considered finished. My working title had been When Dreams Return in 2001. The book was still a manuscript but more a finished draft when the second meeting took place. I even thought of doing it then as a serialization here on the Calendar.

TC: What happened?

PT: It was weird but at the last minute something said 'no'. So I shelved the project after briefly looking into either self-publishing or getting an agent. But neither worked out. Plus my last chapter was weak.

TC: What do you mean?

PT: The first nineteen chapters were the story of my life concerning my steady smoking of cannabis, doing it like a secret identity. That's the reason for the mirror images of the two guys holding the bong on the front cover, but in contrasting tee shirts. The contrasted shirts indicate how I treated my smoking pot. Only my friends knew I smoked weed. I'd slip out here and there to cop a quick toke, catch a buzz and then deal with whatever situation I was handling at the time. I wasn't kidding when I said in the book that Jesus was stepping away from the crowd to catch a head change. I believe that.

See, when I wrote the first nineteen chapters, they led up to an end. I quit smoking weed cold-turkey, and I wanted people to know how it was, how I started and so forth. That way the reader would know I had experience with the subject matter even though I wasn't some PhD or famous. I wanted to do an Everyman view, but personal. At that time the last chapter was my forecast for the future.

TC: So what happened?

PT: Occupy Los Angeles happened. Understand that after I wrote the original nineteen chapters back in 2001, about six months later, I started smoking pot again. This time however I wasn't a stoner.

TC: What do you mean 'not a stoner'?

PT: The easiest way to illustrate what I felt is the fantasy concept movie Pleasantville and the allegoric use of color and B&W to show different states of awareness. After seemingly moving in circles with 'ordinary people' for six months, as soon as I started smoking again, from the very first joint or pipe, I forget which came first, whatever; suddenly my life was back on track. And I could feel it.

TC: You put this down to pot?

PT: Yes. I talk about this point in the book because it was at that time I began to realize my fate was tied to cannabis. I made a vow once years ago, to God. I vowed if Mary Jane blessed me, I would bless her name with my talent. When I started back to smoking pot I could see a direction moving in my life. Opportunities started opening up for me. By the same token, my esoteric gifts started working as far as cannabis was concerned. Thinking back, it was as if I had finally made it through a winding fog that was now leading to a nice fresh never trod path. And that's what happened. The valley scene opened up, a music scene developed and thrived. I started writing online, reviewing music, and being part of a very cool and unique family of friends. Things were cool but again moving along beyond my knowing.

TC: You were smoking pot all along after this time?

PT: Oh yeah. The circle I ran in was the pot crowd, actually, the pot 'in' crowd cause there were a lot of people smoking pot. But they weren't smoking it like I was, to enjoy the stone and the chill it brought. The young friends I knew and many who played music smoked pot because it helped them. Really helped them. It was so fucked up. A lot of their parents had been sold putting their kids on Ritalin or Adderall due to reactions from the food additives and vaccinations. Then the drug companies fund panels of school docs to push the drugs or meds onto the kids. The meds do get the desired effect but it fucks the kid up. Pot saved them. This is where I first really saw widespread use of medical marijuana beyond Uncle Floyd and his asthma in Memoirs.

TC: What did you think?

PT: I thought it was fucked up, but now you have mandatory vaccinations so it's even more fucked up. The government is out of control. That's what Occupy was about. The movement showcased the current state of America in America. But it was also a calling out. That's what the people and the press missed.

End of Part Two. Be here for the wrap-up of Interview With A Stoner, in Part Three.

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