Monday, November 30, 2015



Temecula, CA - Happening right now over in France is the global climate change conference for all to see. Even Bill Gates is touting his money to 'fix it so poor countries can afford' the machinery for non-fossil energy use, according to my friend AJ.

Though a good friend, dear AJ isn't a regular reader of the Calendar and tends to follow the establishment line, including thinking Hillary is our best alternative. Like many people who are sucked in by false promises from politicians, fabulous 'new and improved' slogans found on brands, or even well-intended and heartfelt platitudes like “Newspapers perform a vital function by holding our government accountable', all political watchdogs get muzzled when ad/bribe dollars come through the door. That's the corruption of capitalism and why some people read real citizen journalism instead.

With the Paris climate talks going on as I write this, the Temecula Calendar is proud to show why we, in particular, love the French. To do this justice, we present two picture editions expressing brandalism and their no presstitution mindset. One edition is in English and one in French, the special edition for T-town's old music scene roustabout, Kaven. Love ya buddy.

Each edition is separate with identical openings except the French edition will say so. Au Revoir.

The French Edition

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