Tuesday, December 8, 2015



Temecula, CA – This is the future! Already figures are in that only the rubes and the unteched braved the Black Friday madness, with a store brawl breaking out in my original hometown of Louisville, KY, America's #4 most segregated [MSN] except at this time [pp 201-203]. the rest of us stayed home and shopped deals online. In this most opportune time, if you are a medical marijuana patient, you can also shop online and have your meds delivered.

With being bombarded by news of Muslims under every rock rhetoric and Paris echos still in our collective holiday spirit, going out of doors can be a bit stressful. The establishment may be scaring the legal stoners with all the talk of a unregulated 'black market' but MMJ patients know that the people they get their meds from are also patient users, not some friend of a friend looking to make a killing like the state cronies in Ohio.

Here in California and probably in a lot of other locations also, you have a friendly neighborhood MMJ delivery bringing you product that you don't have to worry whether or not the plants have been sprayed with Roundup, cause they're not trying to round up your dollars like the government. Regulators are bought and paid for by the system set up to rule you, one way or another. But for now, live the season and know that online deals are there for everyone this Christmas.

We may be living in the last days but being anointed in the real Biblical sense puts you in Marvelous company.

Happy Holidaze cause The Force delivers...it really does.

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