Thursday, December 17, 2015



Temecula, CA – Tonight is the most anticipated event since George met Gracie, Harry Met Sally, Batman met Robin, or Peter met Mary Jane, tonight is the [initially reviewed] return to the magic that launched Star Wars, A New Hope, Episode 4; the start of the Star Wars phenomena. The movie released in '77 was a fixture in my life for a year, much like the first Rolling Stones show I saw. It used to be typical to see a really good movie at least a couple of times back before the 1% became a dollar and everyone else just loose change.

Though the world premiere has taken place in Hollywood [3 theaters no less], tonight is the night for the rest of us, the B-listers, the home folk. The Calendar swung by The Mall to peep the crowd. After the jump, peep the home crowd yourself.

For now, if you are not in line freezing your D-2 off, harken back to the days of when you first saw Star Wars. Prepare for that again with this added knowledge when you do venture out for what you anticipate. From a mole in New Zealand [they're a day ahead] the report comes that you won't be disappointed. The same pacing is back, the humor, the special effects, and while this time you won't be dazzled by a gold-plated proper robot [droid] but your depth of that world style will be enhanced with new heroes, comforted by old friends, in a now setting, read diversity. In short, The Force Awakens lives up to the hype, and more.

Here's how it was in a galaxy close to my heart.

Meanwhile the road to Roscoe's Children goes through San Bernardino so Obama is stopping to pay his respects, on his way. Remember though, while you're away the Putin will not play.

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