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Temecula, CA – As everyone is either hearing or sleeping after blockbuster epic The Force Awakens raked in over 50 Mil, we are the Calendar wanted to bring you, the rest of the news.

There has been a major announcement about the DARK ACT you were probably shielded from by the paid media. Yesterday the Monsanto's Dark Act rider was stopped dead in Congress - for now! After tens of thousands of phone calls and hundreds of thousands of letters - no anti-GMO labeling provisions were allowed in the must-pass Omnibus spending bill. Even better, a provision requires the FDA to develop labeling guidelines before Franken-Salmon is sold in America. Not all politicians are bought, yet. But look at the picture below and tell me what you really see.

A well-fed, GMO-obese, HFCS full, smiling woman who gets her eight glasses of tap water a day. She's also a good Christian, but that part's not a judgment. That's your model average American voter. There is a Santa who has huge grisly hands, cough Bob's Burgers, and a baby who's screaming, 'Help me, Ted Cruz is everyone's creepiest uncle. They made me do this.' Meanwhile the RNC plans a coup on Trump because they are in charge to keep the status quo.

Other political news trending that you might not see and definitely won't hear about is...
Bernie Sanders just picked up a major union endorsement from the CWA, Communication Workers, all 700,000 of them who voted for him and will now become his network of campaign workers. Though he has stood with other union groups this one seems most important up to date and is the union my mole gave me the story about Fast Track passing the morning after the SC Church shooting as the nation was in shock. Good to see they're first again.

The Bern has been placing well and recent news shows that major union endorsements for Killary came from the top brass against the wishes of the body, in other words, those who want things to stay the same, a war economy, good for business, good for Wall Street. That being said, the DNC has decided Killary is their man causing the Bern to burn, cause they are in charge of keeping the status quo.

A victory was secured for felons when the President signed a law removing the box on a federal job application asking whether you had ever served time. It was done as a touted way to level the playing field, but the flip side says now the government can legally hire Bubba to be your neighborhood cop, after they take your guns, of course. Plus Barack paid it forward

Speaking of which, the SB office shootup and shootout somehow has a fish smell. It isn't for the people killed of course, just like the innocent people aboard Flight MH370 but we live in times where wrong is made to look right. The reason I say this is because the way the US media is covering this. With the subject in hand, why do we mostly get drawings of the guy my son could do? Thank goodness you can go out of the country for less radicalized coverage.

BTW, where do you go when you are rich and famous, wait, I mean rich and infamous? That's the question young Ethan Couch is asking as another person shows their respect to the law in the same disregard as we see from the amount of killings. Like Johnny Football, this wasn't the first time a party vid surfaced that showed a revealing crowd shot. Cameras are everywhere. Now we see us as God sees us.

And locally the SDPD, that's SDPD not SDSU, has stiff-armed any attempt to release a video when an officer killed a man after 'someone called and reported' a man with a knife, which of course turned out to be a pen. More than this outrageous power usurpation of public granted authority, the 'general' in charge drew snickers of Caitlyn's younger sister. Sometimes you wonder if some people have a mirror in their home, or do they not know how ridiculous they look to others.

Bernie sanders state still has not shot anyone at press time. 

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