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Temecula, CA – Today as I edited the latest football news written by The Fugitive Commissioner then taking a quick lunch break, news came that a mass shooting was taking place just up the road from our happy valley, in San Bernardino at a Social Services Center. Fourteen people were confirmed dead in what early unconfirmed reports said could have been a workplace disturbance.

As most everyone who heard what was happening, I was glued to a live feed, following the action as hundreds of people were led out from the large building and surrounding office areas to safety. In times like this, any past misgivings are buried so it was weirdly comforting (for me) to see local Jeff Stone standing in the Press Conference background with other bewildered folks as the shooter scene remained active. Those of us on this side of the lens are equally perplexed by today's seemingly ratcheted-up bloodshed, whether here or abroad.

I'm sure people will start to debate whether this is 'terrorism' or 'workplace violence' but listening to witnesses all I could think about were scenes from the movie Runaway Jury, a suspenseful movie about gun violence. But movie violence is different; that story is based on a script. Real violence isn't based on a script, it is based on hateful words that trigger others into deadly actions. From the times my grandparents grew up in the nation's 4th most segregated city, Louisville, Ky, I am glad they are not here now to see just how the world has become.

The dust had hardly settled over last week's Planned Parenthood mass shooting being viciously denied by the very Republican Presidential candidate whose exact words of 'baby parts' were used by the deranged killer after being taken alive. Had he been shot and killed like a black or brown teenager anywhere in the country from Santa Ana to Florida, we might never known the reason for his action. False reasons of a 'bank robbery' gone wrong were already being spread. It would seem that some people can't admit shit even when it's tracked in off their shoes.

Though an article in today's HuffPost gives an opinion that there are two world wars going on, the real total is three. However, even that is to give you only part of the picture because the stage of today's world is dressed by Divine Intervention. It matters not whether you are some form of believer or total atheist, we all die the same, and as we die the veil is lifted and we see how things really are just beyond our limited, ignorant view. It is then too late of course.

Long ago when I was just beginning to see beyond my cap pistols, my grandmother told me of a man, an atheist in her small town who owned the major businesses there. He was the town's 1%. An old man, he lay there in the dirt where he had collapsed while a crowd gathered around him. He then witnessed to everyone as the veil lifted, admitting that he had been wrong. My grandmother was a little girl when she saw this but she never forgot it, even after falling away from the church for its skin-color class-ism [see Spike Lee's second movie for that theme].

When you die, you won't be asked to show your Bible, your Q'uran, or your Torah. The makers of this reality will ask your heart for answers. Set your heart in the right direction and use whatever the reason as to why.

Some of you may wonder how I can speak such words but I will tell you, living to 70 and spanning two centuries is more than luck. If you want the details, see Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green. In the meantime, use your heart to love. - PT Rothschild

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