Saturday, December 12, 2015



Temecula, CA – Today the headlines are claiming a day to live in history, as far as the climate being saved is concerned. I don't know about you, but for the people most responsible, aka countries, to meet in another lavish event just to declare the world is safe [again] doesn't fill me with a lot of confidence, along with others. Justice was served, thankfully.

Still the week has been galvanizing as Muslim hunting goes. Donald Trump has become the major pimple reddening over 'whiteland', Hillary turns up wherever the ambulance drops her, and the creepiest looking candidate surges ahead in some Republican polls. I don't blame God; I don't blame the Bible, I don't blame inbreeding, and I don't blame Coke. I do however blame the fluoridated water as we all remember Mama Obama urging them poor little young'ns to drink up plenty [and stay stupid].

Speaking up which, after the jump we look in on the Big Guy, stroke, stroke, stroke...

Here we the Prez swimming in his own Pacific Ocean

Meanwhile as the ink dries and the attending countries move to start the process of ratifying the plan to start to begin to scale back on emitting green-house gases, deforestation, and fossil fuel use, this was Beijing

And closer to home, this was the sky over our valley

In other news...

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