Monday, December 14, 2015



Temecula, CA – As Hillary tries to condense all the remaining Democrat candidate debates into one telecast live only opposite the Superbowl, with a 'Who watches football? I don't and neither does Bill', the group that put hate back on the hit parade, the Republicans, are having their next free-for-all, I mean debate, tomorrow night.

Resisting the urge to ask 'who paid who' to get back to the big stage, I decided to let someone from outside the usual call out the Presidential candidates running on the Republican ticket.

Love him or hate him, the Don brings the beast out in some people. For that you have to give him credit because it isn't just the 'Anyone but Hillary' horde. There is a genuine blow-back toward any and all career or insider politicians. In the same vein, the real outsiders, like what's his name have already been cut from the herd.

Let's look at tomorrow night's main event on CNN, after the jump.

The Man, the insider who blows his nose on the tablecloth, but who cares; it's his tablecloth and Donald Trump sells papers. He's a man who will tell you that himself and he strikes a cord with a lot of what's wrong in the country.

Next, the bitch who put a cock block on moms everywhere and got a few people killed along the way,

Yep, everybody's creepy uncle

Selling encyclopedia set that he wrote himself, by himself, Dr. Whack is not a quack, but...

And the you still here?

And one other guy featured in the lineup below.
BTW, if any of this made you smile, it's this guy's fault. Some of you may know him. I don't watch TV.

Host Trevor Noah, The Daily Show

 And one to grow on.

Extra credit, from the We Did It First with the Bestest Chestest back in the day file. Remember when

Those were the days, my friend. We thought they'd never end...

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