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Temecula, CA – Having been announced as officially being in my 'golden years' by fellow activist and warrior* John Diaz, I feel qualified to comment about the recent announcement concerning Ronnie, or Ron Wood, a member of the legendary band, The Rolling Stones. Being a Stones fan, [see Chapter 14, The Rolling Stoned], and a couple of years older than Ronnie, I wanted to offer some insight on the subject.

Says Mitchell Leventhal, “I've hung out with this man many times. He is an accomplished painter, singer, songwriter, bass player, lead guitarist, saxophone player on and on. And on top of it all, he is a funny, unpretentious, smart, down-to-earth guy. Not about money at all. Let's hear some of your accomplishments.”

Well put, mate. But as Monty Python would say, 'but he is a Rolling Stone, so quite right. However, long before Ron Wood married Sally Wood, Jack Lemon [actor] and Martin Landau [Mission Impossible, TOS] both married women, after a courtship, who were much younger than they. How much younger? So much so that they would have encountered the same mean as shit, but [some] funny as hell, comments about the match-up, particularly concerning Wood's age. Why a man falls for a much younger woman may be a head trip [for the man actually, quiet as it's kept] but is easier to understand logically. This time let's look at why a woman, a younger woman, would be attracted to a much older man.

As a kid I remember reading with curiosity about a 108 year old African chief who had recently been married to an 18 year old woman/girl in his tribe. I didn't know what sex was, or even that it was involved, but why would a girl marry a man that old? The girl when interviewed, said she couldn't wait to become impregnated by the chief so she could carry on his seed/bloodline. At the time this chief had multiple wives and a number of children.

In my 20s when I lived in Indianapolis, I began to ask women how they felt about some things. The first woman I quizzed was named Faye, she had four kids and was divorced. When I met her she was on welfare. She hated it. When I last heard from her before I left town, she was a 'shop girl' working in the union as one of the first, and no longer on welfare.

'When does a woman make up her mind about sleeping with a man? What's the line that does it?'

Answer: There is no line. A woman makes up her mind based on [in normal circumstances] what the kid would be like from this person. After that it gets to other stuff, like type of dad, person, love, economics, family, etc.

It must be noted that this answer was from a woman, not a girl. Mr Wood is one of the rare individuals who has crossed the line in a 'wrong ain't wrong if it's done right' kind of way. Before Sally came along, Ron Wood had a last fling with a 17 year old Russian model living on her own in London. It's a little different in Britain. Given that Ron probably was the one who had to be settled down, hence the puppy thing, what is it a younger woman likes in an older man?


After that I'd have to say, respect, both for the gender but even more for the person in that gender. This is also easy for me to say from my ivory tower where I don't even have a goldfish. I do have my hummingbirds, and their friends. But I digress.

In that period before the onset of marriage, many young women want to explore their fullness of being, without feeling the pressure of wanted sex. Young guys think with their dick. You can't help it. You are at a prime age to mate. It's in the 501s. I've been there, as is in the book. But not every girl is thinking in that direction, especially now the world is open for young women even to be martyrs. That incidence doesn't concern us with the age question though, does it?

An old joke illustrates this point: An old bull and a young bull both stand at the top of a pasture hill, above the herd. The young bull sez 'let's run down the hill and fuck us a cow' eagerly.

The old bull looks over at the young bull and says, 'Let's walk down and fuck them all.'

If you keep your eyes open as a man, you pick up wisdom as you get older. In the golden days of the music scene here, even before Java Joz, the kids in it as a part of it, would sometimes be looking for an answer. They were ready for someone to say, 'it was going to get better' and me being fresh family-less, I stepped in as 'Mr. Pete'.

Later as the crowd got older and more adult, there were a few temptations, but most of the time I asked myself 'how is this going to change the way they see me?' 

As Pill Cosby found out, nothing stays hidden forever. One day it will come out that the famous Babushka Lady at the Kennedy assassination was someone's aunt who took the pictures they show to every newly elected President to put him in line.

Moving past understanding, respect, wisdom and honor, there is security before we get to the last reason a younger woman gets to like an older man.

When I say security, I don't just mean a fat wallet. Older men move slower, but some move more wisely. Young women notice this on a woman's level and they feel somehow this man could take care of them. I asked the green-eyed psychic [page 87] for the reason why she wanted to get involved with me [after we were a couple] given she was 19 and I, 32? She said that most of her life her dad and others had talked about a coming race war. She said she felt like the blacks were going to win, and so wanted to be with someone on the winning side.

Aside from the old standbys of 'love', abuse, or fame, there is one other reason [in this writer's opinion only] a younger woman might be attracted to an older man, and that is The Pandora Syndrome, or curiosity.

This attraction is shown through people like Jack Lemon, who in his 70s first dated, then married a young woman in her 20s. They were neighbors until she started proofreading a manuscript of his biography. She had no idea of Jack Lemon beyond his physical closeness as someone nice who lived in LA. Probably a lot of my readers also fall into this category now as well about the actor. As she read about him, she began to start to have a crush on him, for she was, a young girl.

The announcement of a coming baby for Ron and Sally Wood is to be congratulated, not ridiculed because two people gazed through the smoke and mirrors, and liked what they saw. Besides Ronnie rocks it in green pinstripes, don't you think? Read the full story here.

(*- Someone who leads and gets his hands dirty, Ed)

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