Sunday, January 3, 2016



Temecula, CA – Before I start this article off, I have to acknowledge that the story title isn't original but that credit isn't being offered so as to protect the author. To who thought this up – Nailed It!

Today in America, you can find a person of every shade, from the most albino-skinned to the darkest black, everyone has had it. If the political theorists are correct, this might be the time for Obama's Marshal Law. People are sick and tired of being tired and sick.

Let's start at the top of the pyramid. On Saturday, Donald trumpeted the call heard in Iraq and Iran, also filmed by locals of US helicopters dropping weapons off to ISIS under an official 'oopsy'. This wasn't the first time the Don had called this an 'inside job', cough 911's Loose Change. Even the Paris slaughter has people pointing to it, as rumors float that Bataclan Jewish 30-year owners sold the place a month before the attacks in a tip-off.

Long time brother* Randy ['Winston' in Memoirs] says Trump's rhetoric is purposeful to attract the Rebpublican bottom-feeders as a means to gain momentum before bringing his message more center stage for the rest of US. For a man who has amassed 4.5 billion dollars, I tend to agree with my old friend. This is one of the reasons Winston figures so prominently in Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green. The rest you will have to read, lol, but they don't have to do with politics.

Hillary Clinton, as our evil Lisa Simpson, has much to be admired for. Honesty and being trustworthy unfortunately aren't among the reasons, but even the Rolling Stones had Sympathy For The Devil.

Meanwhile the rumble gets louder and closer. That rumble is this.

White people are pissed, reaching out, and smelling the pizza.

Black people are tired of still being treated like niggers, being shut out, shut in, and disrespected. This shows in ghetto murder rates and riots. When will riots become more diversified?

The so-called drug war is a joke, an excuse, and lame. How much free education would come from the gutting of that useless agency? Do the numbers.

Even the do-gooders who espouse 'great Christian ethics' and look outwardly rock solid are like hollow chocolate bunnies as truth stares them in the face, but the blind shall not see. Hence the reason for Apollyon.

But amongst all the smoke, fire, and anger, a few of us have reason to hope for a better tomorrow.

We would rather Bern.

(* - I am an only child through this life's biology.)

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