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Temecula, CA – A number of comments against the Oregon ranchers and in favor of the Federal Government appear in various stories, whereas the comments should be about the apparent 'if it's white, it's alright' hypocrisy and the double standard of justice. What this says is that a substantial number of people, fellow citizens actually, are in favor of this double standard. And like in the movie 'They Live', for the first time since the 40s and 50s, you can tell the bad guys from the good guys.

We will start with an easy one. Some of you may have heard that the government has issued a new set of guidelines on eating meat. Of course given the Surgeon General's blatant agency capture by Coke, who in government can you trust to do the job they are paid to do [and we are not talking the cog n wheel paper pushers, or their immediate supers], but more the agency like the Autumnwood story points out.

BTW, know what happened to Autumnwood? Those effected were allowed to cash out and the property was hopefully re-sodded, but in any regard, the property was resold to new unsuspecting families possibly with children. No one was held accountable, from top to bottom. Everyone who was culpable went on with their life and forgot about the problem and profits. Church life went on. Autumnwood.

While you were debating about the government being too intrusive about your lean meat intake, another Kansas City Shuffle was taking place at your expense. After the jump...

Though there have been strides forward made in proper food regulation, thanks in no small part to people John, Zen, Tracy, Terri, Kathleen, and tons of others including my humble efforts and words, 'The Man' as we used to call him, is always ahead, never sleeping like rust. This is what occurred in the last bill passed to keep the government's lights on.

As the meat of the above statement rests in the flavor of 'fore warned is fore armed', let's ask ourselves who really are the people on welfare? A woman who can't make the best decisions but is acting naturally to be a mother, or a politician/bureaucrat who is corrupt, in a corrupt system living off your tax tips, having better insurance, and privileged, an elected monarchy? 10 questions, then pop some corn to watch the evil truth that is the Cancer Industry. We peel off the scab.

  1. Who gave the Indians diseased blankets?
  2. Who took your great, perhaps, great-grandmother's gold?
  3. Who gave away the country in 1913?
  4. Who took your silver in 1964?
  5. Who has put a 1000 military bases overseas?
  6. Who doesn't have money for budgets but has money for daily chem trails?
  7. Who sets the standards for the country?
  8. Who funds wars, regime changes, and all research?
  9. Who controls all public access and public records?
  10. Who killed the Kennedys?

My mother succumbed to cancer at 59. Though I didn't know then what I know now about cannabis, I could feel what my mother was going through was bullshit. Turns out I was right.

Like Star Wars, there is hope. Unlike Star Wars, this isn't a movie. Watch for 'Karma, Wages For Your Works' coming soon.

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