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Author, left with Katja at Mother's Market 1-23-2016
Temecula, CA – Today the news is revealing. As the Iowa Primary draws near, people still haven't put together the dots of Hillary Clinton, Benghazi, who and what 'The Establishment' really is, our three wars [for you spiritual readers], and the reality of Nibiru, yet; but the quiet no-announcement of the 60-day window for reading the wording of the TransPacific Partnership that came and went is something that can and must be addressed a.s.a.p. [See http://tinyurl.com/FlushTheTPP-org]

I was at the Laguna Woods Mother's Markets [like Roots, Jimbo's for those outside OC] for their store's re-dedication and food fair with my friend and OLA colleague, OC organizer John Diaz. Our sponsor is Dr. Bronner's and we had two free sample products to give away. Inside the store more free samples were available but we, John, Rik [no kin to Dogie] Houser, German ex-pat Katja, and myself manned a table in a line of tabled vendors. One, sometimes two, store employees handed out clear bags for samples. The event was completely free and for us outside went from 10am to about 1pm.

It is important to remember that this wasn't a protest per se, but a chance to spread the word about the coming treason to be signed into law by Obama in New Zealand in early Feb. WOTS has it that Barry bragged about the TPP in the recent SOTU speech. I stopped watching things like that with GWB. “If their lips are moving, ...”

After the jump, more pictures and a list of GMO-free samples obtained.

Mother's Gifts, besides face-painting

Teas, etc

  • Organic India, Tulsi tea, also known as Holy Basil, product of India, www.organicindiausa.com
  • Better Off Red, Red Roosibos with Vanilla-Citrus blush, www.nowrealtea.com
  • Choice Organic Teas, Throat Cozy, marshmallow root blend, Choice Organic Teas/Granum, Inc.
  • Choice Organic Teas, Mental Focus, ginkgo&gotu kola bld, Choice Organic Teas/Granum, Inc.
  • ULtima Replenisher, Dietary Supplement powder, grape.
  • Natural Calm, anti-stress drink supplement powder, raspberry/lemon, www.naturalvitality.com
  • Natural Calm, anti-stress drink supplement powder, orange, www.naturalvitality.com

Snacks, candies

  • GoGo Squeez, Organic Applesauce, apple-banana, product of USA, www.gogosqueez.com
  • Barbara's Organic Snackimals cereal, cinnamon crunch, product of Canada, www.barbaras.com
  • Gimme Chips, seaweed rice chips, sriracha, product of California, www.gimmehealth.com
  • Thin Stackers, puffed grain cakes, red rice & Quinca, Lundberg Family Farms, Richvale, CA
  • Bob's Red Mill, Scottish Oatmeal, Milwaukiw, OR, www.bobsredmill.com
  • Rise Protein Bar, Snicker Doodle, product of California, www.risebar.com
  • Envirokidz crispy rice bar, chocolate, Nature's Path Foods, product of USA
  • Slice of Life Energy+B12, adult gummy vitamins, made in USA, www.heronutritionals.com
  • Reed's Ginger Candy Chews, see Reed's Extra Ginger Brew above for info.
  • PRI Manuka Honey Nuggets, lollipops & Pacific Sea Salt, info@pri-nz.com, New Zealand
  • Ricola, honey lemon with Echinacea, throat lozengers, www.ricola.com/ 

Body Care

  • Dr. Bronner's Peppermint All-One Toothpaste, two time use packet, USA, www.drbronner.com
    Dr. Bronner's Pure-Castile Soap[s], Peppermint, Unscented, Citrus, USA, www.drbronner.com

    Amidst all the clamor people were educated about Obama's treasonous TPP signing coming in Feb

    Plus there was a raffle to give away a hard copy of Genetic Roulette by Jeffrey M. Smith

    Worker poses with book copy to be raffled off with gift baskets as yours truly woofs down delicious vegan cake in next room
    (*- Not specifically labeled as such)

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