Wednesday, January 27, 2016



Temecula, CA – This political season is more than high treason, it is high theatre worthy of the graphic arts, or so thinks a avant-garde artist named John Seed.

Mr. Seed has matched the popular public political insight of the candidates with what he sees as a modern fit to some Old Masters' works. be sure and notice the rich detailed textile each potential Presidential candidate brings in modeled detail and nuances.

And Hillary, who has shape-shifted into a ram, looks on with one eye still on the prize
The first Old Master features three candidates aptly posed in tune with their alter egos of another universe, or just perhaps an idle daydream for them in this reality.

Speaking of The Crone...

The eye of John Seed Photoshops the moment of motive believed in anti-establishment circles
For those who think the Hillary Crone persona is too harsh, stay tuned through the credits. Besides, The Don seems to agree since he brought in a top Bimbo to deal with the Ball-buster issue.

Seems more glad to be back than mad, but she hunts moose, so there's that
However, this is two degrees past Tyler Perry's mad black woman,

This next work, a standing portrait, seems perfectly suited to the subject, and that's just creepy.

Could this next Old Masters be both accurate and foretelling?

And finally, we have                                             'JEB'

Now, remember what I said about Hillary? Is this not a crone?

Where's Chris Hemsworth when you really need him?

(Note, the last two pictures were not the work of John Seed)

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