Wednesday, January 13, 2016



Temecula, CA – After ten long years, a steadfast belief as Christians that cannabis was from the Devil long held by Temecula's city council, was cleared from the air as long time MMJ activists and pot foes sat down in an attempt at first to what seemed to be business as usual. The order of the day had been to place or extend a ban on private patient cultivation of their own marijuana medicine. Before the meeting was over, ending on Lanny Swerdlow's shortest speech ever [call Ripley's], that BS ban was rejected with only newcomer Matt Rahn still watching Howdy Doody in B&W.

The pressure to ban or control medical marijuana is coming from Jerry 'Frack 'Em High' Brown whose decision to allow fracking is responsible for the worse methane gas rupture ever, so far, making a mockery out of the hailed Paris Climate talks as much as today's freshly chem-trailed skies over Temecula. In March, any city who doesn't have a ban or a regulation in place about medical marijuana means the state takes over, removing any local jurisdiction or fee generating apparatus from local budgets. This is flow down from AB266 and it's companion laws reported here last fall. The plan was to Introduce a Citywide Ordinance Prohibiting the Cultivation of Marijuana Within the City of Temecula.

So what happened to finally remove the stigma from what some called 'Devil weed'? Did the city council finally read the work of a local artist/writer who told his Memoirs to help illustrate the plant's medical benefits [Uncle Floyd, pages 162-3, 215-6]? Sadly, no. The change of attitude appears to come from the research Jeff Stone and other Supervisors did before he left the group to become a Rep to craft the country's regulations.

Being a long time part of the local political scene, Jeff Stone's opinions appeared to flow between the former Super and his political peers in Temecula, the old-timers like Maryann Edwards. And so, we have a turn-around in policy, mentally anyway. The presentation with vivid photos showing the healing of a resident's mother from breast cancer had many in the meeting wet-eyed, according to my mole, as most people have been touched by cancer one way or another. Just now are people no more seduced by the mainstream, finding the truth out about the cancer industry.

Does this mean that you can expect a pot shop on every other corner? Of course not. This also doesn't mean that Temecula's city council will be anymore adept at crafting a fair and equitable regulation more than any other or that the city will actually seek any MMJ input concerning marijuana from patients. Just as my book wasn't meant to start a person smoking pot; rather it is a prequel to what's coming and why.

Finally Temecula gets over the stigma, and that's a beginning. WooHoo, 2016.

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  1. Now they need to stop harassing people that buy the weed for medicinal purposes. k